Fall 2022 Primetime TV Grid: Broadcast Networks – Deadline

If the now-completed Upfronts have shown us anything this year, it’s that the shrunken broadcast giants tread lightly but make a lot of noise. Unless you’re Murdoch’s very own Fox. Then you just type art of war Middle finger on the convention of a fall plan and forcing the city to guess your next move.

Oh yeah, and the self-proclaimed transitional CW is gearing up for a likely sale to Nexstar – which means a double shot walker and All Americans with new spinoff series on the YA-leaning network schedule in September.

New broadcast series for the 2022-23 season: photo gallery

After a series of often overblown presentations from corporate bosses in NYC over the past few days, it is also now undisputed that the Big 3 are no longer the jewel in the crown.

Blended into the overall conglomerate’s mega-mix and seemingly secondary to their streaming cousins, ABC, NBC, and CBS are playing it safe this season, if schedule can be maintained at all. Hoping not to have to hit the panic button, there is one Beginner Offshoot of ABC, a love boatinspired dating show that docks with CBS, and NBC is taking the polar opposite of a quantum leap with a reboot of the cheesy 1990s sci-fi series.

Watch the Fall 2022 TV grid below with Coy Fox TBD (mobile users, please rotate phone horizontally to view):

Now there’s always those midseason slots like the final season of Riverdale and more coming early next year if not sooner. We’ll update this grid when Fox finally gets around to showing off its unscripted and sport-speckled cards.

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