Fall opportunities for Tide’s summer-arriving players

Not reaching Tuscaloosa until late May or early June means a late start for some Alabama football players. However, late doesn’t mean too late to take on a role this fall. Along with some of the transfer players, 11 freshmen from Alabama Crimson Tide will try to make a quick impression when summer training begins.

The reality of year-round soccer training is that a freshman in Tuscaloosa gains a huge advantage for spring training. But the summer beginners have the chance to make up for lost ground, especially in training. They all followed a predetermined exercise and nutritional program before coming to Tuscaloosa. Most have also completed skills training.

Don’t count any of them out for a supporting role in the 2022 season. The best chance for multiple will be special teams. Those with speed, good tackling skills, and the requisite toughness can earn starting roles on kick coverage and punt return teams.

The Skills guys have 7v7 drills to show what they can do. Everyone has a chance to shine while building strength, agility, endurance and speed. It’s almost as important to show a work ethic from day one.

The 11 freshmen arriving in the summer include five former Top 100 recruits in running back Emmanuel Henderson, offensive lineman Elijah Pritchett, athlete wide receiver Isaiah Bond and wide receivers Kobe Prentice and Shazz Preston.

They are joined by cornerback Earl Little Jr., athlete-wide receiver Antonio Kite, athlete tight end Amari Niblack, defensive lineman Isaiah Hastings, safety Jake Pope and tight end Danny Lewis.

Best odds of getting a role in Alabama Football 2022

Emmanuel Henderson knows he has a deep backcourt ahead of him. Henderson has already said he only wants to be on the field.

I just want to be on the field to help the team in whatever way I can to help the team win.

He showed in high school that he was excellent at running and catching, including throwbacks. With his willingness to do whatever it takes to get on the field, he could be a special teams starter in 2022.

Isaiah Bond could be the fastest among a very fast novice class. His speed alone could put him on the field this fall.

Amari Niblack Joins Alabama Football in a position of need. He could have a chance to make the tight end rotation this fall.

Earl Little Jr. may not return at all when he gets to Tuscaloosa. He plays the same position as his father in the NFL and no doubt his father coached him well. The only problem for the younger Little is all the talent already on the Crimson Tide roster.

An advantage for the summer newcomers is that Nick Saban will always do his best no matter when they start.

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