Fans Confused After ‘Lightyear’ Promotional Image Shows Andy Watching Film

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light year finally hits theaters this weekend, which is good as fans have finally grasped the film’s somewhat confusing premise. Yes, that toy story The spinoff is supposed to be the movie that Andy’s beloved toy is based on, so Buzz is the hottest action figure in the first movie. But, although people have just accepted this concept, a new piece of promo art for light year made Pixar lovers scratch their heads once again.

The promotional graphic in question imagines that Andy will see that light year Film in the theater surrounded by all his toys. Sure enough, his Buzz character isn’t with him, so that fits with the idea that he begged his mom to get him one for his birthday after seeing the strip. But as valiant as the artwork’s attempts to maintain continuity are, it creates a few more major anomalies instead.

For starters, it doesn’t make much sense that Andy brought his toys to see the film with him since, if you recall, the gang are unfamiliar with Buzz in toy story 1.

childhood ruined.

The second important point is that Pizza Planet’s little green men are among the toys they shouldn’t be, since they are introduced during the events of toy story.

Maybe a magician did it?

As a wise potato head once said, what are you trying to draw, Pixar?

And, hey, wait, where the hell is Andy’s mom?

And what kind of children bring their toys to the cinema anyway?

Why does everyone accept this unsupervised child’s crazy behavior?

Oh, so that’s the reason for all these errors. Apparently, the normal laws of space and time don’t apply in this theater.

Last but not least, Andy is way too lifelike to be toy storyis Andi. He should look a lot scarier.

catch light year In cinemas from Friday 17.

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