Feed me! Audrey II rampages in Porthouse’s Little Shop of Horrors

From left: Timothy Culver as Mr. Mushnik, Abby Stoffel as Audrey, Robert Miller (puppeteer) and Brian E. Chandler (voice) as Audrey II, and Morgan Mills as Seymour in "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Porthouse Theater.

For a truly campy treat, head to the Porthouse Theater in Cuyahoga Falls to see the famously fun sci-fi comedy musical Little Shop of Horrors.

The musical, which opens Porthouse Theatre’s 54th season, has a tight cast of nine, including students from Kent State University, recent graduates and other professionals. It’s a colorful celebration of horror musical, early rock, doo-wop and Motown, based on the 1960 film directed by Roger Corman and Charles Griffith.

Director Terri Kent hits just the right tone with her cast, led by Morgan Mills as the mistily loveable Seymour. He works in a seedy flower shop on Skid Row, where he pursues his hobby of discovering exotic plants.

All of the relationships in this story are cartoonish, including those between boss Mr. Mushnik (Timothy Culver) and his formerly run-down employee Seymour. Character actor Culver takes the “Mushnik & Son” tune to vaudevillian heights when he and Mills perform a dance nod to “Fiddler on the Roof,” complete with a waving handkerchief.

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