Football pundits share – who’s up and who’s down in our season recap?

Emma Hayes HIGH

Rightfully won the Broadcast Awards for Best Expert of the Year in November. Brings wit, warmth and the tactical eye of a top manager. In fact, you could say she’s the best co-commentator, but whatever, it’s all good when it’s Hayes.

Jeff Stelling HIGH

He stays! Thank God.

Joleon Lescott HIGH

With opportunities for ex-Man City players only likely to grow and grow, Joleon has begun to establish herself as a thinking woman’s Micah Richards and has made some thoughtful appearances as an analyst this season.

Roy Keane LOW

One man nuke Roy has had a lot to do this season including Manchester United defence, Manchester United midfield and many other things that infuriate him, usually focusing on Manchester United though not limited to them . Its trademark is to portray poor football performance as a moral or ethical failure. You wonder if the well is running dry, if Roy is calling at least part of it. Nobody can be this angry all the time, right? Did we see a change in approach in the final weeks of the season as he was caught several times saying so and so was a pretty good player? Maybe he goes further.

Gary Neville LOW

Still the absolute contact for pointed opinions about football and its place in society. It’s impossible to dispute his influence, but you wonder if the persona could collapse under the pressure of having so many massive feelings about everything. Recently, for example, he took a broadside aim at Granit Xhaka when the Arsenal captain said some of his side had not played lately. “Shame!” yelled Gary. Was it? One wonders if maybe a day off now and then could recharge the batteries.

Matt Le Tissier LOW

Now practically from television and reduced to simmering conspiracy theories on the Internet. A major setback for one of the most beautiful footballers of his generation.

Peter Walton LOW

BT Sport’s Pet Ref has had a rough season. When Chris Sutton taunts you about your show, you know there’s room for improvement. Odd moment in the Champions League final when he explained that Karim Benzema’s goal, which wasn’t a goal, was actually very easy, only to promptly demonstrate that it was…not.

Michael Owen LOW

“Liverpool are still the best team in Europe.” Oh Michael… Stick to reviewing movies.

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