Football Queensland releases the 2021 Annual Report

To the Queensland football community,

Following the Football Queensland Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Sunday 12th June I am pleased to announce this Football Queensland 2021 Annual Report.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of our Queensland football community for their support in 2021.

For the second year in a row, we have continued to address the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, FQ was proud to deliver a full season across all of Queensland’s competitions and once again saw a strong increase in attendance, including a 41% increase in female participation.

2021 was a particularly important year for women’s football as we celebrated the centenary of women’s football season. FQ was delighted to celebrate this special milestone with an event at Gabba to mark the 100th anniversary of Australia’s first public women’s fight, held here in Queensland. The release of Football Queensland’s three-year women’s and girls’ strategy, entitled Unlocking The Legacy, and the start of the inaugural Kappa Women’s Super Cup tournament also coincided with the centenary celebrations.

The year also marked an important milestone on the reform journey as we focused on the implementation of the Future of Football 2020+ reforms following the publication of the Recommendation Paper in March. In a momentous day for football in Queensland and another step in implementing Football Australia’s One Football model, the Future of Football 2020+ constitutional reforms were passed with overwhelming support in August.

Clubs and volunteers across the state were offered a whole new level of support in 2021 when we launched the highly regarded and well-supported Club Support Hub, providing clubs with a one-stop shop for accessing customized guides and accompanying webinars, retention and recruiting strategies and charts offered design help.

FQ’s continued focus on referee support and development led to the launch of a number of new initiatives during the year, including the appointment of seven Referee Coaches and Development Officers statewide, resulting in significant growth, particularly in the number of referees registered female referees increased by 55%.

A record number of coach development courses and workshops were also conducted throughout 2021, including 19 new club development sessions, as FQ saw a 21% increase in registered coaches statewide.

Download a copy of the 2021 Annual Report here for more information.

On behalf of Football Queensland, I would like to acknowledge the support of Football Australia and local and state governments throughout 2021, a year that marks the eighth consecutive surplus for the organisation.

Thank you also to the members of our soccer community across the state who contribute to our beautiful game on and off the field. I look forward to seeing many of you at the site over the coming months.

Robert Cavallucci
Managing Director
Football Queensland

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