Grand opening at the Once Historic Queens Theatre

Real Brave will make a bigger impact in the new facility to continue pioneering music education

NEW YORK, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Real braveNYC’s leading music educator, with multiple locations and a powerful virtual classroom platform, will open a reimagined studio for their in-person instruction in a historic location that was once home to the Utopia Theater on the Union Turnpike Thursday 30 June 2022 at 2:15 p.m. The new location includes a student venue that brings the performance back to the classic building and to the community at large. The effect of this does not escape the founder Daniel Powers Jr.:

“Students around the world can have what I first intended almost 20 years ago: a home away from home where they can grow up and be a part of the music they love. Countless hours were invested in the structural foundations of this building over decades to see the best on the big screen. Now people can enter the building as their ancestors did to find their stage in an area so important to film: the music.”

Opened in early 1942, the Utopia Movie Theater was a monument of Art Deco lore for over 50 years and closed in 1999. What it replaced was a Rite Aid that covered up every trace of the theater to the community. The original projector booth and 30-foot ceiling were obscured by a lustrous new drop ceiling, and the art deco entryway was demolished. “What no one knew was that when the lights went out and the screen came alive, there was nothing a drugstore could sell that could rival the healing power of Utopia Theater, (Jeff Laffel

Now in the area where the famous entrance was in the thousands, Real Brave will move its current music location a few doors down and evoke the spirits of the film and art past.

Your grand opening ceremony is on Thursday June 30th at 2:15 and offers a glimpse into the past with art in locations to honor late cinema. The rest of the building and most of the old theater will be occupied by the Ministry of Education for a universal PreK (opening September 22).

At the back of Real Brave’s new studio will be a performance venue that will be aptly named Venue Utopia where students can find “Find Their Stage™”.


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