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“To be honest, I purposely didn’t watch any other documentaries while we were making ours. I wanted to try to find a new way to create and make something that is really ours. But I have to say that I really love the Descendents.” Documentary [2013’s Filmage]. If there was anything that could have been influential in part, it was this one.”

This is Dan Elswick, the first-time director to direct Capture those moments, the full-length documentary about seminal hardcore band Bane. While already available as an on-demand feature, the film will be showing in cinemas in select cities starting this week. The band formed in the mid 90’s and broke up in 2016.

“As a first-time filmmaker, you don’t realize how much money goes into these things, and to me I’m a cinematographer for my career, but through this process you really find your strengths and weaknesses in that aspect of filmmaking,” Elswick tells me.

“I’ve learned that I’m pretty good at putting a story together, Ricky [editor Ricardo Cozzolino] and I’m a pretty good team in that sense, but my weaknesses definitely made me feel overwhelming. Luckily we have some damn good people in our corner who helped, even more than I ever expected, and continue to do so today, even post release.”

The project began in 2016 when Elswick began documenting Bane’s final US tour. The film eventually grew into a piece that transcends hardcore and will be relevant to anyone who has ever struggled to balance their artistic pursuits with “normal” life.

Oh, there’s plenty of killer live footage of Bane too:

Capture those moments will be shown in theaters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Prague, Czech Republic and Santa Ana, California (showing information below).

I ask editor Ricardo Cozzolino how difficult it was going through all of Bane’s archive footage in the early stages of the project. “It was a gigantic Task! We received hundreds of hours of footage from band members, friends and fans from all over the world. Most of the footage was on VHS, Hi-8, and DV tapes, so I had to get machines to watch the tapes and hope I could hook them up to my computer.

“I was lucky if the footage was already digitized because half the time I was fumbling with old tapes just to work. Once I got the tapes working I sat back and forth for hours until I saw something interesting, then I would digitize it.

“After importing all the footage into the project, I went back and logged all the clips with descriptions and added markers to highlights in the clips (e.g. stage jumps, band members talking, etc.). me to continue saving the recordings for quick retrieval in case Dan asked for a specific recording or something came up in an interview.

“Beyond that, it was mostly show material, which we transcribed a lot of [Bane vocalist Aaron] Bedard’s speeches between songs. I used a handful of these speeches as transitions between sections in the film. People were sending us footage and photos all the time, so I went through it all while editing the film.”

earlier this year, Capture those moments won Best Music Documentary at Film Threat’s Award This! Ceremony:

As rewarding as seeing Capture those moments Seeing it on the big screen and winning awards, Cozzolino says it definitely wasn’t a glamorous way to get there. “There was nothing sexy about it and in hindsight I should have had an assistant.

“But as frustrating and numbing as it was, seeing those brief windows into the time of shows and people’s lives made us appreciate what we were doing even more.”


forthcoming Capture those moments Theatrical performances:

August 10, 2022 at 7 p.m. at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, MA

Bane members will be in attendance for a Q&A session after the screening. These members include guitarists Aaron Dalbec and Zach Jordan, vocalist Aaron Bedard, drummers Nick Brannigan and Bobby Mahoney, and bassist Pete Chilton. Goods are also sold in the lobby.

Ticket information here

August 12, 2022 at 6 p.m. at Eternia Scimov in Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech premiere of the film! Editor Ricardo Cozzolino will be present to introduce the film and answer questions after the screening.

Screening info here

August 17, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA

In Santa Ana, Bane played their last show in California and at the Frida Cinema Capture those moments accepted the award for Best Music Documentary from Film Threat’s Award This! Director Dan Elswick and producer Charles Chaussinand will be present to introduce the film.

Ticket information here


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