Hometown Cha Cha Cha Star Marks Acting Return with Touching the Void Poster

Kim Seon Ho is ready to return in the coming play, Touch the void.

From an instant star, Kim Seon Ho immediately lost the spark after his ex-girlfriend Choi Young-Ah made a damaging revelation about their relationship. She claimed the actor pushed her to abort her baby to save his career.

As a result, he lost all his projects, including his 2 days & 1 night and future series and movies.

Despite losing hope, the actor plucked up the courage to face it all again and show off his skills in an upcoming play.

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Kim Seon Ho showcases timeless visuals in Touch the void poster

Weeks after reports of Kim Seon Ho’s participation Touch the void appeared, Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment released the official poster for the upcoming play about Naver.

Running from July 8th to September 18th, Touch the void is a play exploring the lives of two British mountaineers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates. They nearly faced death on their journey from the top of Siula Grande.

The story was previously in Joe Simpson’s book, Touch the voidand filmed.

Ahead of the premiere at Seoul’s Art One Theater, the agency delighted fans with a poster of Kim Seon Ho, who plays the role of Joe Simpson.

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The caption reads: “No one has ever seen this view before. At the moment we are the only ones who have seen it.”

Though now back in the stage industry, Kim Seon Ho has yet to fully regain what he had before.

For example the 2 days and 1 night Executive producer Lee Hwang Sun has already scrapped the idea of ​​including Kim Seon Ho in his cast.

Kim Seon Ho tries to get up after problems

Before confirming his appearance in Touch the voidStar 1 reported that the actor will be focusing on one movie this year – Sad Tropics.

“According to Kim Seon-ho’s aide, he will not engage in any other acting activities other than the film’s schedule [Sad Tropics], which is currently filming this year,” reads the article. “The same applies to the advertising industry. Kim Seon-ho’s side politely declines new promotional offers and renews deals with brands he currently works for as a model.”

But with his participation in Touch the voidhis fans are hoping to see him in more films this year.

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