Honkai Impact 3rd V5.9 Update Release Date, Time, Maintenance Schedule, Countdown, Patch Notes

On August 11th, Honkai Impact 3rd will receive its much-anticipated maintenance, which will include several new events, a new S-rank battle suit, and the longest story chapter in the game, know the V5.9 release date and patch notes

Captains should remember this date and time to ensure their data and disk space are adequate once the update arrives, as any re-maintenance of the game will always result in excessive memory and internet usage. The exact date and time of the subsequent maintenance update and new features for Honkai Impact 3rd version 5.9 will be included in this post.

Honkai Impact 3rd V5.9 Update Release Date, Time, Maintenance Schedule and Patch Notes

Incoming 5.9 changes that are very welcome (including the end of expansion device shipments) from houkai3rd

Honkai Impact 5.9 is on fire by houkai3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd V5.9 release date, time and countdown

The hugely popular open-world gacha game Genshin Impact was developed by the same company, HoYoverse, that developed Honkai Impact 3rd. On August 11th at 10:00 (UTC +8) Honkai Impact 3rd will now receive its well-deserved update to version 5.9.

It is important to remember that the creators launched the game on August 11th exactly. On the other hand, no specific time was given. Players should expect the version 5.9 maintenance to occur at the same time as all previous update maintenance, which was 10:00 (UTC+8) consistently for the SEA server.

Honkai Impact 3. Version 5.9 has new features.

After the release of version 5.9 of the game, an S-rank battlesuit called Helical Contraption, better known as Vill-V, will be playable. Captains can attempt to wish for them using the scarce resource Crystals in the Supply Banner.

Vill-V is a Fire DPS Valkyrie that destroys enemies in front of her while setting the scene ablaze with her trusty turrets and chariots. Their defining weapon and stigmata are provided in the same version as every other character.

Previous story chapters have focused on the Elysian Empire and the upcoming story could be the highlight of the chapter. The new chapter offers players their first introduction to the 13th Lord & Lord of Corruption and is expected to last 3 to 4 hours according to the creators.

Version 5.9 adds four new summer dresses featuring Elysia, Pardofelis, Mobius and Sakura. Each of them is dressed in summery swimwear to match the recent incident where all 13 Flame Chasers travel to an island for a vacation.

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