Horner: Maybe Wolff will get a role in Hamilton’s film

Horner: Maybe Wolff will get a role in Hamilton's filmChristian Horner revealed that Toto Wolff had added a theatrical element to a team bosses’ meeting in Canada recently and joked that the Austrian may land a role in Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming film.

The Red Bull boss referenced Lewis Hamilton’s recent off-track performance when he confirmed he was working on a Formula 1-themed film with actor Brad Pitt.

The latest FIA Technical Guideline on the ‘porpoises’ and crashing of the 2022 F1 cars was the main talk in the paddock in Canada, with a heated meeting between the sport’s team bosses as they debated the issue.

Commenting on the aforementioned get-together – which Netflix attended to film for the next season of ‘Drive to Survive’ – Horner said, “As a get-together, it was a shame that.

“Obviously Ferrari has presented its position on the TD and Toto is pushing for a change in the regulations, which is a bit ironic because his car looked pretty fast today and didn’t bounce much.

“And I think it was just made clear to him that maybe his problems are within rather than all of them,” he added.

Wolff provides a piece of theater

As for Wolff’s conduct at the meeting, Horner joked, “I think there was a bit of theatrical element going on at that meeting, so maybe he’ll step into the role with the new Lewis[Hamilton]movie!”

When asked how much of F1 politics lies in the issue that Mercedes is discussing on a safety basis, Horner pointed out: “The problem with Mercedes is more severe, or was earlier, than with any other car.

“It’s definitely up to the team. It’s in your control to deal with it. If it doesn’t affect others, and I know it has been said that other drivers have complained.

“Our drivers have never complained about porpoises,” he said. “You said that certain circuits could do with a clean-up, maybe a new surface in places.

“But we had no problems with jumping. The problem is that they run their car so stiff, I think their concept is the problem and not the regulations.

FIA favors Mercedes?

“As far as we know today, Azerbaijan and this race have always been two of the worst races on the calendar. It didn’t look like there would be a problem in the race today,” said the Brit.

Mercedes has a second brace used to reduce flex on the floor of their W13, which is attached to the car in Canada but was later removed when a team objected and threatened to protest.

Horner hinted at a bias on the part of the F1 governing body in this regard, saying: “Obviously a process of these things needs to be put in place. I think what was particularly disappointing was the second stay because it has to be discussed in a technical forum.

“And that’s an obvious bias to solving the problems of a team that was the only team that even showed up here with it before the TD, so fix that….

“They know where we can go with it,” indicated the Red Bull boss.

(Additional reporting by Agnes Carlier)

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