How Producers Film and Cast The Below Deck Franchise

Performers of all types and backgrounds appear in the Below Deck franchise. Producers do their best to find good entry candidates.

That Under deck The franchise has grown tremendously since 2013, and with constant cast changes, producers have been cutting out their work. They are responsible for casting and filming Under deck and its offshoots Sailing yacht below deck, Under deck Mediterranean Sea-and Below Deck Down Under. The Bravo series accompanies yacht crews in their daily tasks, serving charter guests and getting to know each other.

Filming a show on the water can be difficult enough without all the added challenges. Several boat accidents have been recorded, such as the crash of the Parsifal III during BDSY Season 2. Even cast members have been fired from their duties on the show, such as Captain Glenn Shepard, who recently fired Tom Pearson in the now-airing series BDSY Season 3. There were also near-fatal accidents that made it on camera, such as: Beyond deck Season 6 Seaman Ashton Pienarr caught a rope and fell overboard.


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With many dramatic arguments, connections and even an accidental pregnancy between Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux, Executive Producer Nadine Rajabi has collaborated Under deck, Under deck Mediterranean Sea-and Below Deck Down Underspoke to recently The dip about how Bravo chooses who will appear in the franchise and how they are filming the series.

Producers are cast below decks based on experience and potential

Some cast members are hired specifically to bring fans of one series to the next, such as B. Chef Ben Robinson from Under deck and Below deck Mediterranean. “Casting really comes down to it: are they working now, how are they doing and could they take the story forward?” explains Nadine. others like Below Deck Down Unders Aesha Scott, were particularly in demand because they had a personality suited to reality television. Nadine says there’s a mix of people working at the job Under deck yachts not only increases interest in the program, but changes it “Narrative and Conversation” also.

The Below Deck crew is filming 24 hours a day

Jenna and Adam are talking in the lower deck galley

That Under deck The crew must be constantly on the alert to catch anything that goes down, which means each production team works 12-hour shifts. When a producer finishes work, they go back to the crew’s hotel and catch up with the others. “Yes, we are actually on the boat and we have a 24-hour shooting schedule.” Nadine says before noticing “This workplace is nothing but mundane as you really live and sleep in the same place.”

It takes almost a year to finish a season

Ashley Marti sailing yacht below deck

Despite shooting around the clock during Under deckIn the production schedule of , post-production alone takes about eight months. “You have to be really detail-oriented on a show like this when it comes to capturing certain audio signals.” Nadine explains while pointing out the invisible connections in between Under deck Season 3 Rocky Dakota and Eddie Lucas. With so much work packed into just one season, Nadine says the cast and crew are becoming like family and admits she’s considering it Under deck‘s to be Hannah Ferrier “like a sister.” That Under deck Franchise has no plans to slow down, which means Nadine and the other producers will continue to work hard on the future BDSY, below deck mediterranean, and Below Deck Down Under seasons.

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