How would breaking up the divisions in Big Ten football affect Wisconsin?

The Badgers last won the Big Ten soccer title in 2012.

MADISON – As a player in Wisconsin, Chris McIntosh performed in an era when football divisions were off the Big Ten’s radar.

At that time, the Big Ten consisted of only 11 teams. Nebraska was still in the Big 12, Maryland was in the ACC, and Rutgers was in the Big East.

When McIntosh replaced Barry Alvarez as UW athletic director last summer, the Big Ten had used a divisional system to crown their 10-season soccer champion.

After the NCAA Division I Council ruled Wednesday that conferences no longer need to use divisions to hold a title game, it’s possible the Big Ten could eliminate their divisions.

“Divisions are one of the things that’s up for debate right now,” McIntosh said. “What’s best for Wisconsin? I’m confident we’ll play anyone that’s on our schedule and we’ll fight for a championship, divisional or non-divisional.”

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