IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – Schedule of this week’s Reuters features

June 23 – Reuters journalists produce dozens of multimedia features and human-interest stories from around the world each week.

Below are a few stories from this week, handpicked by our editors, along with explanatory context and background to help you understand the global headlines. For a full schedule of news and events, visit our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect

Scientists are investigating the connection between “snowblood” and climate change

CHAMONIX, France – On a snow-capped mountainside about 2,500 meters above sea level, Eric Marechal holds up a crimson test tube. Inside is a sample of algae known as “snowblood,” a phenomenon that’s accelerating the thawing of the Alps and scientists fear is spreading. (CLIMATE-CHANGE/GLACIER-BLOOD (TV, PIX), 340 words)

Cubans sweat in the dark as government tries to end power outages

GUANAJAY, Cuba — Summertime power outages, when demand is at its peak, are nothing new to Cubans. But a convergence of pressures from high fuel prices to the ongoing economic toll of the pandemic is now straining the communist-led island’s already fragile grid. (CUBA BLACKOUTS/ (TV, PIX), 641 words)

Chilean beachgoers become custodians of Elasmosaurus fossils

SANTIAGO — While strolling along Los Tubos Beach on the central Chilean coast, a group of neighbors found strange remains that turned out to be fossils of an ancient marine reptile that lived in the surrounding sea millions of years ago. (CHILE-FOSSIL/ (TV, PIX), 290 words)

Mekong villagers land the heaviest freshwater fish ever

Cambodian villagers on the Mekong River have caught what researchers say is the world’s largest freshwater fish, a stingray that weighed 300kg and took around a dozen men to haul it ashore. (MEKONG RIVER/STINGRAY (TV, PIX), 221 words)

In Italy, a glimmer of resurrection for art damaged by quakes in 2016

SAN SEVERINO MARCHE, Italy – Guests of honor didn’t dress up at the opening of a new museum in the picturesque Italian town of San Severino Marche. They were firefighters in gear they wore when they rescued artworks damaged in the 2016 earthquake that are now restored and on display. (ITALY QUAKE/ART (PIX), 641 words)

Pizza war: heated discussions in Italy about the fair price of the dish

ROME – Pizza: upscale gourmet cuisine or affordable folk food? That’s the question Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore poses against chefs in Naples, where pizza-making is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (ITALY-PIZZA/ (PIX), 281 words)

Volunteer archaeologists discover ancient Roman temples in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM – Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient Roman sanctuary with a relatively intact Roman temple in the central-eastern Dutch province of Gelderland, the country’s cultural heritage authority said, describing the find as “extraordinary”. (NETHERLANDS ARCHEOLOGY/ROMAN EMPIRE (PIX), 187 words)

Citroen’s limited edition mini EV sold out in less than 18 minutes

PARIS — A limited run of 50 mini electric cars from Citroen sold out in less than 18 minutes, parent company Stellantis said, prompting the French brand to send a cheeky message to electric car pioneer Elon Musk. (STELLANTIS-CITROEN/AMI (PIX), 196 words)

Desperate Chinese real estate developer wants to ‘swap wheat for a house’

HONG KONG — A desperate developer in China’s flagging real estate market comes up with a novel promotion to attract buyers, offering to take wheat and garlic as down payment. (CHINA-PROPERTY/DEBT-SALES (PIX), 387 words)

Italy’s ‘drug’ construction boom is hitting a wall

ROME – Innovative incentives for people to green their homes revived Italy’s construction sector last year, boosting its economy and drawing international praise. A few months later are about to end in tears. (ITALY-ECONOMY/CONSTRUCTION (ANALYSIS, PIX), 1,009 words)


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(Compiled by Mark Porter and Patrick Enright)

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