In the Manning Footballers Family Tree: How Arch Manning is related to Peyton, Eli and Archie

Few players in college football recruiting history have garnered as much attention as Arch Manning.

The outstanding quarterback is not only one of the most sought-after players in his class, but also comes from one of the most respected families in all of football, regardless of level.

Sharing the same last name as Archie, Peyton, and Eli can only raise expectations for Arch. But he seems to have lived up to the hype as he decides where to take his talents.

With that, The Sporting News takes a closer look at Arch Manning’s family tree, including his relationships with football legends Archie, Peyton and Eli:

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How is Arch Manning related to Peyton, Eli?

Arch Manning is the nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning.

Arch’s relationship with his uncles is partially why he has so much hype on the recruit lane. He’ll be trying to follow in their footsteps: both were collegiate stars (Peyton at Tennessee, Eli at Ole Miss) who finished No. 1 overall in the NFL draft and won multiple Super Bowls.

Like his uncles before him, Arch is a standout quarterback at Isidore Newman High School (New Orleans). Like his uncles, Arch is one of the best players in the country; Not only is he the top pro-style quarterback in the class of 2023, but he’s also ranked #1 overall according to the 247Sports composite rankings.

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(247Sports had no recruit rankings prior to 2000, the year after Eli Manning’s class; Peyton Manning was widely regarded as the top recruit in his class, although Eli had no such distinction).

How is Arch Manning related to Archie Manning?

Arch Manning is the eldest grandson and second eldest grandson of Archie Manning, a legend for both Ole Miss and the New Orleans Saints. Archie Manning is the namesake of the newest Manning quarterback.

It is uncertain to what extent Archie was involved in the development of his grandson. However, the patriarch of the Manning family told the Indianapolis Star in 2019 that his grandson, then a freshman with Isidore Newman, was “probably a little ahead of them as a freshman,” referring to his own sons Peyton and Eli.

Who are Arch Manning’s parents?

Arch Manning is the son of Cooper Manning – the son of Olivia and Archie Manning – and Ellen Heidingsfelder.

Cooper Manning was touted as a football player much like his younger brothers and eventually committed to playing like his father as a receiver for Ole Miss. However, in the summer leading up to his rookie season, Cooper experienced numbness in his fingers and toes; He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, leading to an immediate end to his playing career.

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How old is Arch Manning?

Several outlets list Arch Manning’s birthday as May 19, 2005; that would make him 17 years old on May 19, 2022. He will turn 18 in May before his freshman year.

Arch Manning will be 20 years old when he is first eligible to enter the 2026 NFL Draft after his junior season in 2025.

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