Is Penn State Still The Big Ten Team Least Afraid Of Ohio State? Buckeyes Schedule Breakdown

Columbus, Ohio– Our The Ohio State Football Schedule The meltdown comes in late October and a trip to state college as the Buckeyes head to Penn State for their eighth game of the season.

Ohio State at Penn State, Oct. 29, time TBA.

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For the four seasons from 2016 to 2019, the Nittany Lions were the second-best team in the Big Ten behind Ohio State. Their 42-11 overall record was shared with LSU in fifth place among the Power 5 teams behind Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma. Their 28-8 Big Ten regular-season record was only behind the 33-3 Buckeyes and tied on points with Wisconsin, which plays in the lighter West Division. Michigan was 26-10.

And then came the 2020 pandemic, and then came the starting quarterback’s injury Sean Clifford in 2021, and the last two seasons for the Nittany Lions were ruined. They went 11-11 in 2020 and 2021 and lost as many games as they have in the last four years, going 42-11. They were 8-10 in the Big Ten, more losses than the 28-8 record of the last four years. Under admittedly difficult circumstances, the Nittany Lions cracked.

Will they get it back? The defense lost five draft picks, but should still be in very good shape. The offensive line should be a little better, and the running back room will get a boost from the five-star rookie Nicholas Singleton. But compared to Penn State, the Nittany Lions have more questions than they did in the best days of James Franklin. Maybe they’ll get it back. Maybe not. But for now, that’s no better than a 5 by Franklin-era standards.

Penn State coach James Franklin is entering his ninth season as head coach of the Nittany Lions.

Penn State’s reputation as the Big Ten team most poised to hold their own against Ohio State.

While Michigan struggled with a mental block and talent struggles against Ohio State, the Nittany Lions never seemed afraid. They didn’t always run when it was necessary. But Penn State lost in double overtime in 2014, beat Ohio State in 2016, lost by just a point after furious OSU comebacks in 2017 and 2018, and was within four points in the 2019 fourth quarter.

When Ohio State played this Franklin version of Penn State, it wasn’t going to be easy. But now Michigan has broken through against the Buckeyes; Michigan State is coming off an 11-win season; Wisconsin might be poised to peak; and perhaps the Nittany Lions aren’t the team in this conference most ready to go head-to-head with the Buckeyes.

This duel will take place at State College but is not expected to take place at night and it will not be a white out, there will be no 100,000 Nittany Lion fans turning the stands into a screeching cloud.

In these scenarios, Penn State can almost feel like a favorite, even against a talented Ohio State team. It’s not like Penn State has beaten the Buckeyes many times — Ohio State has won 9 of the last 10. But staying tough with Ohio State would be proof that Penn State is back on track.

Recipient #1 Jahan Dotson, won by the Washington Commanders in the first round of the NFL Draft, is gone. but ParkerWashington, a third-year receiver from Texas who had 100 catches and 1,309 yards in his freshman two years, is poised to move up to a No. 1 goal. And West Kentucky Transfer Mitchell Tinsley had 87 catches for 1,402 yards last season. The Nittany Lions usually boast players with offensive skills that you have to notice – from the receiver Chris Godwin run back Saquon Barkley to the very end Mike Gesicki run back Miles Sanders to the recipient KJ Hamler to Dotson.

That should be the case again this year. In a conference with some pretty good receivers, Washington should make an All-Big Ten of some sort. Penn State isn’t on Ohio State’s level of talent talent, but the Nittany Lions will have some players who can make some plays.

Penn State vs. Maryland, November 6, 2021

Penn State safety Ji’Ayir Brown executes an interception and returns it for a touchdown in the fourth quarter on November 6, 2021. Joe Hermit | [email protected]

Joey Portera 6-foot-2 corner, entering his third season as a starter, joins safety Ji’Ayir Brown to give the Nittany Lions two of the better secondary players in the conference. Any team without great defenders will have trouble handling OSU offense, but Porter vs. Marvin Harrison Jr. could be a great matchup in this game.

Penn State allowed 199.8 pass yards per game last season, which ranked 23rd in the country, 11th among the Power 5 teams and third in the Big Ten. All-Big Ten first-team safety Jaquan Brisker, a second-round NFL draft pick, is gone. But the Nittany Lions should join Iowa since they have the best secondaries in the Big Ten, and Porter could be a first-team All-Big Ten.

Ohio State has been 21-8 against Penn State since the Nittany Lions joined the Big Ten, and the gap has gradually widened.

From 1993 to 2001, Ohio State held a 5–4 lead.

Between 2002 and 2011, Ohio State had a 7-3 lead.

And from 2012 to 2021, Ohio State had a 9-1 advantage.

On a scale of 1 to 10, our Ohio State text subscribers were asked to rate their enthusiasm for the game and their concern about losing to Ohio State. (Sign up for a two-week trial of the lyrics by texting 614-350-3315 or here.)

Excitement/Interest: 9.07.

Worries: 6.56.

That’s the second-highest level of interest after Notre Dame and the highest level of concern to date for Ohio State’s eight opponents. OSU fans know the Nittany Lions were ready to take on the Buckeyes there.

Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins helped the 2018 Buckeyes rally win at Penn State.

That 21-8 advantage for the Buckeyes since Penn State joined the Big Ten? That’s a 13-2 record at Ohio Stadium and an 8-6 record at Beaver Stadium. Sometimes the venue doesn’t matter to the Buckeyes. It plays a role in this rivalry. The path to Happy Valley is rarely easy.

But the quarterback needs to give the Nittany Lions a chance. Five Star Newbie Drew Allar Medina is Penn State’s future at quarterback, but the present is Clifford, another sixth-year player and fourth-year starter from Ohio. He doesn’t have to be a star, but he needs to play enough games to keep the Nittany Lions in the game and let the defense try to slow down Ohio State. Spur McSorley wasn’t a quarterback worthy of drafting high, but he did line up against the Buckeyes.

Clifford was 18-of-30 for 281 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception against Ohio State in 2020 and 35-of-52 for 361 yards with a touchdown and an interception last year.

Penn State plays Michigan two weeks ahead of the Buckeyes and opens the season at Purdue and goes to Auburn in Week 3. But the Nittany Lions could come into this game 6-1. And they are at home. And maybe they’ll get back on their feet. That gives them a chance, even if they’ve only come over the top once in their last 10 attempts against the Buckeyes.

So the state of Ohio should have a 90% chance of winning. But considering how tight Penn State made games when it hosted Ohio State, give Penn State a little more credit and set Ohio State’s odds of winning 85%

OSU Win Chance: 75 percentFan Excitement Level: 9.58Fan Concern Level: 5.19.

OSU Win Chance: 99 percentFan Excitement Level: 4.33Fan Concern Level: 1.39.

OSU Win Chance: 99.5 percentFan Excitement Level: 5.51Fan Concern Level: 1.95.

OSU Win Chance: 82 percentFan Excitement Level: 8.78Fan Concern Level: 5.44.

OSU Win Chance: 99.9 percentFan Excitement Level: 5.24Fan Concern Level: 2.58.

OSU Win Chance: 88 percentFan Excitement Level: 7.86Fan Concern Level: 4.86.

OSU Win Chance: 95 percentFan Excitement Level: 7.56Fan Concern Level: 4.68.

OSU Win Chance: 85 percentFan Excitement Level: 9.07Fan Concern Level: 6.56.

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