Jason Momoa’s The Last Manhunt was acquired by Saban Films

Jason Momoa‘s historical action film, The Last Manhunt was officially picked up by Saban Films. That Christian Camaro-Project derived from a story dreamed up by Momoa and the film’s writer, Thomas Pa’a Sibbett, will tell the unbelievably true story of America’s last great Wild West manhunt. The film goes back to the roots of the theme and will feature a predominantly Native American cast, including Martin Sensmeier, Mainei Kinimaka, Tooth McClarnon, Lili Gladstone, Raoul Max Trujillo, Brandon Oakesand Tantoo Cardinal.

The Last Manhunt pulls its story straight from the pages of the overlooked history of the Chemehuevi Tribe, who call the area around California’s Morongo Valley, Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley their home. The tragic story of Willie Boy and his pursuers took place among boulders and a cactus-lined landscape within what is now the boundaries of Joshua Tree National Park. The year is 1909 and a young Indian named Willie Boy (Sensmeier) accidentally kills his girlfriend Carlota’s (Kinimaka) father. Fearing for their lives, the couple flees, but with local pressure to find them, things start to boil over. To make matters worse, President Taft is en route to the area, which in turn increases the need to find the duo and will eventually lead to a blazing gun-toting manhunt.

During an interview with Collider, Camargo revealed that he was tapped directly from him See co-star Momoa to direct the film, in what Camargo describes as a “collaborative event.” What first began as a screen role in the western film quickly became directing for the actor when Momoa’s “schedule just got too tight for him to do it.” To keep up with his friend’s original vision for the project, Camargo said the production became “an impromptu experiment” and was “kind of a co-formulation of something that was already there.” All in all, Camargo commented that the play was “fun” and a bit of a heart project, as both men own properties in the area, which gave them a better look at the place they call home.

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Momoa and Sibbett’s names are also linked to the executive production team on which they serve alongside the President of the LA Lakers Jeanie Buses, Michael Acierno, Dan Clifton, Stacy Kennedyand Brian Andrew Mendoza. Martin Kistler and J Eric Laciste join as producers.

If you’ve ever traveled to Joshua Tree from the West, you know that Willie Boy’s tragic story and ill-fated love story are deeply tied to the community. If not more, you’re bound to see the huge, now ramshackle building called Willie Boy’s Saloon, which was once a busy restaurant and music venue. Perhaps Willie Boy’s record will be corrected once and for all with the help of Momoa, Camargo and Saban Films. The film currently has a release date set for sometime in November 2022.

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