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Kicks 103.3 (WKVS-FM), a Lenoir-based radio station, recently released its high school football schedule for the 2022 season. Fourteen different teams are featured, including six from the Daily hickory recordThe coverage area of ​​includes Catawba, Caldwell and Alexander counties.

Games with teams in HDRCoverage area of ​​includes Hickory in South Caldwell on August 26, Shelby in Hibrites on September 9, West Caldwell in Newton-Conover on September 16, Watauga in South Caldwell on September 30, South Caldwell in Freedom on October 7, West Lincoln in West Caldwell on October 14, Hibrites in Alexander Central on October 21, and South Caldwell in Hibrites on October 28. The remaining games scheduled for Kicks 103.3 are Patton at East Burke on August 19th, East Burke at Draughn on September 2nd and Avery County at Draughn on September 23rd.

All matches start at 7:30pm, with Kicks 103.3 providing live radio coverage of each competition. The pregame show starts at 7pm each week


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August 19: Patton in East Burke

August 26: Hickory at South Caldwell

2 Sept: East Burke at Draughn

9 Sep Shelby in Hibrites

September 16: West Caldwell in Newton-Conover

September 23: Avery County at Draughn

September 30: Watauga at South Caldwell

7 Oct: South Caldwell in Freedom

14 Oct: West Lincoln at West Caldwell

21 Oct: Hibrites at Alexander Central

Oct. 28 South Caldwell at Hibrites

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