Kipsta unveils the official Ligue 1 football for the 2022/23 season

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Kipsta has unveiled its official footballs, which will be used in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 next season. The brand announced a five-year partnership with the French Professional Football League, which will run until 2027. Kipsta hopes their first release of footballs under this long-term deal will help establish their place as an emerging brand in this space.

Kipsta is helped by the fact that both French divisions feature some of the biggest names in world football including Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Neymar and more. The official ball supplier of Ligue 1 has got off to a good start with footballs bearing the FIFA QUALITY PRO seal of approval.

League 1 Kipsta OMB

The ball design of the Ligue 1 ball is meant to symbolize intensity and rivalry. This is conveyed by the colors fading from blue to red, mimicking the collective sport seen in some iconic rivalries and clashes. It’s a nice touch to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the French Football Championship, with the names of the clubs that have won the 19 Premier League championships since their inception.

The colors red, white and blue used for the Ligue 1 ball are symbolic in themselves and mark the first time a French company has supplied the balls for the French top division. Technically, there is a lot of thought behind this ball. Twelve panels are heat-bonded for strength, and an advanced high-rebound bladder helps improve compressive strength and rebound quality.

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League 2 Kipsta OMB

Kipsta has opted for a more graphic design approach for the Ligue 2 ball. It aims to reflect the constant evolution of football in fashion and trends. Unique in that it was inspired by the landforms and borders of the French territories and landscapes. This is reflected in the vibrant, card-like design that looks like it’s been etched across the ball.

The technology for both balls is the same, with added strength from a soft microfiber component accompanied by foams and grooves. This all helps with trajectory, which is good for long balls and goalies looking to send the ball down the field.

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You can get mini replicas of the league 1 and league 2 balls. In addition, the official replica of the league 1 Ball is also available.

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