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My Hero Academia 355 Spoilers:- This chapter starts with a try being wounded on the ground, so in the previous chapter an all for one hit try with his Resident Evil arm was actually wounded with those spikes in a similar way to how we did all night at the beginning of the series You know, 416 years ago he got through his big big fight with everyone.

Wondering if Shoto and Dobby are okay, he tries to get up but then falls down again. So we’re looking at a panel from Dobby here, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a flashback. We’re not getting any updates on what’s going on with Dobby since the light is coming from his chest.

Is it a whimsical awakening? Does he get ice powers? Or is it a quirk bomb? I don’t know yet but I still hope he explodes here because I don’t want him to have any redemption or a quirky awakening because he doesn’t deserve it.

My Hero Academia Chapter 355 Leaked on Reddit

My Hero Academia 355 spoilers leaked online

He realizes it was wrong to get all angry for one because the one responsible for that fight and those wounds was himself cut in the sky with falcons, stating that he could feel through his feathers that the attack just barely met his efforts missed. In other words, he could still fight and the Falcons will go ahead with the plan.

Based on this, Hokiama gets angry with his master and says that he was sent to this very area to provide air support, so there’s no point in telling him to get out, falcon, acknowledging his mistake and asking to help me save again hero so yes getting over the previous chapter we saw Hokiama emerge with Jiro on his back and lying around with air support.

In fact, as soon as they appeared they saved Falcon from a huge air raid by all for one, says he can’t waste much time and starts turning his whole arm into his mind, he deduces that the company isn’t dead and the other three will try to delay the time until his interesting return.

My Hero Academia Chapter 355 Summary [Ending Explained]

Does he somehow tell us how it’s going to play out, or is it a mystery? I mean don’t get me wrong I think it would be cool if an effort like Goku Raddatz is everything for you like he did with Shigaraki in the previous war and then just having the prominence burn him up at close range that would be a bit repetitive but it’s possible for one’s endeavor to end here, possibly at the cost of one’s life.

My Hero Academia 355 spoilers leaked

But I think if everything here is at least killed for his body or his mask breaks off completely and he starts choking, he could theoretically just transition back into Shigaraki’s body, it hasn’t been fully explained, like the offer a wi-fi stuff but we’ll definitely get into more of that in the next few chapters. He says the two birds are a problem and the best way to destabilize them is to attack Jiro, so he sends several eel-like creatures in their direction.

However, hawks send them up with its feathers, interrupting the attack before it hits them. He then sends these feathers against everyone for his masks and hits them again with his swords.

My Hero Academia Chapter 355 spoilers Published on Twitter

But it’s still not enough, so yes, falcons have like real swords. Now they are nothing like his long feathered swords. Tokoyami holds Jiro down and tells her that the mask is the target and destroying it with sounds will bring them victory. Jiro has an intense expression and is shaking.

My Hero Academia 355 Spoilers Online

She says she has the resolve to spare but was barely able to see the attack aimed at her. She then realizes that Midoriya and now Yama were constantly fighting this fear, all for one noticing that she is shaking and beginning to tease her by saying that she must have gone into the battlefield with a disciple’s mindset.

He then turns his arm into a cannon much larger than his own body and shoots it at the two of them saying that the supporting characters dreamed that too big hawks try to stop it but get hit by the rivets coming out of his fingers on the other hand of all places, Tokoyami and Jiro are bleeding and injured with their clothes torn.

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Then she starts saying that things like fear, strength and weakness don’t make any difference at all, that her friends cried because of what everyone did for you and that it’s all that matters to Jiro, she screams along with it all Tears in the eyes and starts a heartbeat sound legato that hits everyone for one. Okay, so it says she hurt herself here.

My Hero Academia 355 Spoilers Reddit

But what isn’t mentioned in the spoilers is that she straight away loses an ear as in the leaflets of this chapter, we straight away see her left ear is completely gone like earlobe and all. So she lost half a quirk at that point. So this is a tremendous development, especially for a student suffering such damage.

I’m sure you’ve heard it, you know, maybe a few times in the community, but there’s kind of this feeling like jump doesn’t let students get maimed or hurt or anything. Like why because it always happens on other shows and we’ve seen it a lot on this show too but usually it’s like a stitch or a cut or something.

My Hero Academia Chapter 355 Spoilers Leaked Online (MHA Release Date, Timing, Schedule)

My Hero Academia 355 spoilers Twitter & Reddit

But it’s like a direct memory and I’m wondering like Wow, will this only end with her or will other students also be maimed because that’s kind of the theme of these wars. but I don’t think all hope is lost.

Of course, we still have Arie, which only you can know, rewinds her ear but can actually talk a bit about Ariyan, despite being hit all for one, says it’s been two weeks since he was just about to hit back. He feels people grabbing his body in the rest of the world, he realizes it’s the Quirks he’s stolen over the years, he wonders if it’s the work of New Order, but not an extra’s weakness that reverberates within it and causes this effect. OK, so let’s go.

My Hero Academia 355 spoilers Twitter

Not sure if I have the right attitude here again, I don’t know what the hive decided, here is the correct answer. But when he says that, we see a strange trail in the sheets’ panels of a woman grabbing him, and there’s a close-up of her face. And it looks like she has the same horn as Eri and I think she closely resembles some areas, obviously it’s not Eri because of age and we know Eri’s quirk at least hasn’t taken on yet. So who is this? Well, not really sure. Eris Horn just happens to resemble Eri along with the woman and there is no correlation there or it’s related to her in any way.

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It’s possible that she’s one of Eri’s ancestors and there’s going to be such a big reveal where everyone has been involved in Eri’s life for you all along, because why not? He has to be really involved in everything. But that’s not necessarily related to Eri’s quirk, as it was specifically said to be a TTK-like quirk, meaning she was born with her and not from any hereditary lineage or anything like her relatives or parents or Ancestors imply they had the rewind quirk in some way.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 355 release date and time

But it’s possible that the stranger she did belonged to one of her ancestors or something, which is also interesting because the horn seems to be directly connected to her rewind magic because it has a supply aspect.

I’m not entirely sure, but please let me know what the correct take on this is. While being stung, Jiro shouts at Falken to take his chance. He remembers the three punches he landed against the master from the battle, and then noticing a rift, uses Zero’s Attack to pick up even more speed and hits him with everything both his swords and a piece of everything for his mask breaks.

End of the chapter so yeah we see a good chunk of the front of everything breaking off the mask here and it shows you know a good chunk of his potato face.

My Hero Academia Chapter 355

I don’t think that’s enough to make him choke because I’m sure there’s still enough to keep him breathing or whatever, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

And I think that mask will be everyone’s inevitable downfall here since it’s been mentioned so many times, but like I said all he could ever know was Wi-Fi hop Shigaraki, which I think is inevitable.

I’m not sure if he can live without his main body again, it has yet to be explained. But let me know what you think of all this stuff in the comments, folks.

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