Lightyear Art imagines Andy from Toy Story watching his hero Buzz’s movie

A healthy piece of Lightyear art is imagining Andy from Toy Story seeing the movie Buzz Lightyear in theaters surrounded by his toys.

A healthy piece light year Advertising art introduces itself toy story‘s Andy will be watching the Buzz Lightyear movie in theaters surrounded by his toys. Pixar’s latest release will explore the origins of the fictional astronaut that served as inspiration for toy story‘s beloved Buzz Lightyear, originally voiced by Tim Allen. Marvel star Chris Evans now takes the lead as a heroic Space Ranger as he and his crew embark on their most daring galactic adventure yet. In addition to Evans, Lightyear also includes the vocal talents of Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, Uzo Aduba and James Brolin.

light year serves as a sort of prequel to Pixar’s toy story Movies that have seen their most recent release toy story 4 hit theaters in 2019. The films followed a group of toys owned by a young boy named Andy toy story 2 & 3 He followed the toys’ journey as Andy grew and naturally lost interest in his childhood toys, although he never really forgot them. Alongside Allen, Tom Hanks saw the voice of the lovable cowboy Woody in the films, along with a stellar supporting cast that included the likes of Wallace Shawn, Annie Potts and Don Rickles.

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Well, a very cute official piece light year art imagines Andy seeing the film in theaters and takes a look at the very moment that sparked Andy’s love for Buzz Lightyear. Shared on Twitter by @DisneyAPromos, The art, created by Tim Evatt, shows a young Andy seated in a darkened theater surrounded by his toys. Andy can be seen gazing at the big screen in awe, donning his cowboy hat to match Woodys, who is perched on his knee. The art immediately drew a lot of attention from fans, with many hailing it as “adorable.“Check out the art below.

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light year was previously revealed to be the movie that Andy had seen in theaters, leading him to ask for Buzz Lightyear’s toy for his birthday, which ultimately inspired the events of toy story movies. toy story seen Buzz becomes acquainted with Andy’s other toys, which presents a series of problems for Woody, who then struggles with Andy’s newfound obsession with his new “hero,” having previously been Andy’s favorite toy. Given its prequel status light year It’s not expected to feature any of Andy’s other toys, but will introduce the origins of one in particular toy story 2 Villain, the evil Emperor Zurg.

In true Pixar style, this cute art really pulls at hearts, and audiences can probably expect it light year to follow suit as it explores the origins of its galactic hero. The art also serves as the perfect, heartwarming connection for those hoping for some more obvious callbacks to the toy story Universe. With light year expected to be a box office hit, it will be interesting to see if Pixar continues to make more toy story Spin-offs – either via light year Sequels or other films depicting the origin of Andy’s beloved toy.

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  • light year (2022)Release date: June 17, 2022

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