Locals share the most memorable movies at EHT’s Towne 16 theaters

For generations, going to the cinema has meant so much more than just seeing a movie on a big screen.

“Going to the movies” meant a night out, a first date, a first kiss, meeting friends, and more. Sometimes it was about the movie, but often it was about sharing the experience with a family member, a friend, or a new love.

I remember my first “auto date” involved a trip to the movies. We kissed in the back row – and it took me until the end of the feature film to work up the courage to turn around and embrace that kiss.

I grew up without ever going to the cinema until I was 16 years old. It quickly became a favorite place for me to escape the pressures of things at home. It was my sanctuary where I could watch great stories—and some really bad ones—play out in front of me.

Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman

The Towne 16 in EHT, while “just a building” meant so much to so many people, and now it’s being demolished brick by brick.

I’ve asked people on Facebook about their favorite memories of old Towne 16 and we’ve had some wonderful responses. Here are some of them:

Mr. Eveler: “The first movie I ever saw was in this theater with Kentora Miller. It was called ‘Big Business’.”

Kentora Miller: “Crap Taube Eveler Oh wow!!!! You just brought me back lol .”

Dawn Heist: “My husband and I had our very first date there and saw North Dallas Forty. That was 43 years ago.”

Tammy Lynn: “I saw a 3D movie about rodents, it was so real there were rats under my chair.

Taryn Lee: “‘Saw 3′, my first date with my now husband 15 years ago.”

Eric Johnson: “MThe most memorable was watching ‘Smokey & The Bandit’ with my dad…he laughed so much…we loved it! Nice reminder of my father.”

Joelle Bridgers: “‘Ghostbusters’!! The line was out the door! It was also my first job with working papers as a candy girl!”

Lisa Ciampiti: “Lots of great memories. One in particular stands out because my mother yelled at us as we got out of the car. ‘You better not watch Eddie Murphy Raw.’

Dona Black: “Opening day of “Jaws”. The theater was so full that people sat on the floor.”

Alison Elizabeth: “Carrie” – the remake, then we went to Dessert Works afterwards!

Laurie Valentino had her first kiss at the theater. (It wasn’t me! LOL)

Cindy Rossi: “We took our kids to see their first movies there… ‘Monsters Inc’ and ‘Scooby Doo’… I went and saw ‘Santa Claus’ and they gave out ‘The Lion King’ posters.”

Patti Foster: “Aww I saw ‘Titanic’ there, that’s one I remember!

Suzanne Kennedy: “My mom took my brother and I to see Jaws. Before that it was Towne16. She never took us to the beach again. lol

Tom Mozitis: “We bought tix for ‘The Muppet Movie’ and planned to sneak into ‘PORKY’s’… five of us… first three made it into ‘Porky’s’. ME? Well… “Rainbow Connection” is a good song!

Goodbye Towne 16. Thanks for the memories!

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