Logan loved soccer and “cheered” touchdowns: Pet Tribute

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Logan White

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Deceased on 08/27/2017

We lost our boy Logan and he is with his stepsister now. He had degenerative myelopathy and was slowly losing strength in his hind legs. Yesterday his front legs stopped working and he couldn’t stand much longer or walk at all and also had trouble breathing. Becky and I thank Northview Animal Hospital for helping him through his MANY disasters over the years and making his last day as easy as possible. He was 3 weeks short of his 13th birthday.

Logan was supposed to be a powerful hunter, but that never quite worked out. I had wanted a Chessie for years because they were billed as “super labs” and finally got a referral of two puppies that were available because the breeder ended up with two extra male puppies. I remember having a hard time deciding between them and chose the one that I liked the most to play with. He got sick from the car and vomited on the way home. He was the only dog ​​I’ve ever had that hated car rides. Absolutely not an adventure dog. I didn’t like long trips or camping or anything like that. Walks in the forest, of course, but he wanted enough nature back in his house.

He had a knack for hurting himself. ACL surgery when he was young left him with a bad leg for the rest of his life. Corn on the cob got stuck in his gut. A mysterious illness that ended with 3 days in intensive care. 7lb tumor on his spleen which the vets are still talking about. He went through everything.

I tried to teach him how to hunt but he was never interested. Zero prey drive. Storm got mad barking at squirrels and birds and deer or whatever and he was always la-la-la-la-laaa, what are you barking at? Except marmots. The ones he hated and went after whenever he saw one.

He was also a big soccer fan and jumped around and barked whenever there was a touchdown. Since we were Browns fans there weren’t many of them, but he also enjoyed watching Packers games. lol.

Aside from soccer, his hobbies included teasing his stepsister, eating, and playing with his toys. He was also happy to help out with the gardening (which was rarely helpful, but he thought it was!).

He was a good boy.

Daniel White,

Sheffield Village

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