Michigan football is not out of the running for CJ Carr

Why Michigan football shouldn’t give up in its quest for CJ Carr.

While five-star QB CJ Carr is missing out on what appears to be a “safe” signing in 2024, he’s certainly disappointing, especially for a rival Michigan Football isn’t out of the running for his long-term services.

I know what people think: if CJ Carr doesn’t want to come here, forget him! waste of time! Goodbye forever! Turn up the heat on Dante Moore!

I’ve heard grumbles from fans saying pretty much all of those things. We should just forget about him and move on.

Well, what I would say about this is that you don’t give up on recruiting a prospect just because you’re missing out at first.

Why Michigan Football Should Keep Recruiting CJ Carr

Again, a lot of the people here probably just want to forget about CJ Carr, but I’m not one of those people myself. Recruiting a potential client never stops. Even if you think you have no chance of winning over this recruit.

I’m not saying Michigan needs to focus on Carr as the primary target for the Class of 2024, but Michigan staff still need to stop by CJ occasionally and at least make it known that they haven’t given up on him.

Again, that doesn’t mean football in Michigan needs to continue to be a priority for CJ.

Until proven otherwise, this ship has sailed (for the time being). Michigan can and should turn their attention to the recruitments of five-star Class of 2023 QB recruit Dante Moore, whom we’ve written extensively about on this site, and also a relatively less discussed but equally intriguing five-star QB recruit in 2024 Jadyn Davis.

Getting one or both of these QB recruits would be a massive coup for Michigan and would cement Michigan’s QB space as an elite for the foreseeable future.

Jadyn Davis is the nation’s second best recruit in 2024, ranked even higher than CJ Carr. So it’s not the end of the world if Michigan still doesn’t get a CJ engagement.

Coming back to my main point, recruitment never sleeps. When a player says they are 100% committed to a school, most of the time that’s not true. Right off the bat, we can look at Michigan’s own top-100 ’23 LB commit Raylen Wilson as an example.

I don’t want to speak entirely for the young man, but the fact that he’s going to all of these other southern schools must at least make the Michigan staff and fans nervous, as players who are 100% a school believer, generally speaking focus on recruiting other players for that school instead of turning their attention to other visits.

Obviously it’s fine for recruits to want the full experience of a recruitment, to do all their visits and be treated like VIPs, but they could have done that before committing.

I don’t want to rain too much on Raylen’s parade since he’s the crown jewel of Michigan’s class at the moment, but that was just one example.

After all, CJ Carr is literally a class of 2024 prospects. To say that this recruitment is 100% over is really premature (unless he reclassifies) in my opinion.

There is still plenty of time to convince him to retire and it would be wise for Michigan football to stay with him just in case Dante Moore and Jadyn Davis recruitments don’t work out (because recruitment is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs).

Carr has stated that Ann Arbor and Michigan still hold a special place in his heart, so it’s obvious he loves the school, the community, and the fans.

See, the thing is, when it comes to recruiting, not everything is black and white or as simple as it seems.

When everyone else seems to be bitchy, Michigan football kicks in. It’s frustrating to no end. The team is fighting back to finally make a playoff, fanbase momentum and media excitement is at an all-time high, and what’s happening?

The team is struggling to build on the momentum in recruitment and has not had a new signing since March. When was the last playoff team to struggle with momentum and recruitment? I’m sure I can’t think of one. Michigan Football may have made this a first event.

Yes, pundits’ predictions have been pouring in over the past few weeks for a number of prospects Michigan may seize, but before all of that, where was the momentum? It was just boring and disappointing.

I mentioned the black and white, but sometimes there’s that little gray area that we have to consider every now and then. CJ Carr’s recruitment is one of those times.

There are many instances where a die-hard Sparty or Buckeye recruit, or even some legacies, have made a commitment to the Maize and Blue in the past. Jake Butt was a die-hard Buckeyes fan, they never offered, and the rest was history.

Some of these recruits may not love the team they grew up with as much as they used to because they went to Michigan (Charles Woodson, Chase Winovich, even Daylen Baldwin to name a few) who Sparty’s and Buckeyes, but you probably still hold at least a piece of heart from the memories they had as fans of those schools. That’s one thing that will never die.

Did I mention college football hasn’t even started yet? We don’t even know how good Notre Dame will be this year. You have a new head coach.

Their first game is against Ohio State. I can see they take an “L” right away. They also have yet to play Clemson in what could be a year of recovery for the Tigers. Another potential “L”.

If Michigan has another 10-12+ win season, recruitment may reopen. You never know. Remember when Darrius Clemons didn’t even have Michigan on his radar before the start of the 2021-22 season and committed to Oregon?

Lo and behold, he magically broke away from Oregon just after Michigan’s magical season ended. Coincidence? I do not think so.

I can also talk about former Clemson DB commit Keon Sabb, but you get the point.

So we gotta hold our horses against that hate or that saltiness of CJ Carr because football has more than enough time to make a comeback in Michigan.

The focus shouldn’t be on CJ. It’s Dante Moore first and then Jadyn Davis and all the other recruits out there like Nyckoles Harbor etc. None of this means staff shouldn’t still keep in touch with CJ just in case.

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