NEA donates more than $2 million to arts organizations in Illinois and Chicago – Chicago Tribune

The National Endowment for the Arts announced 52 grants totaling $2,172,510 to organizations in Chicago and Illinois as part of its statewide grantmaking program in May. In addition to a partnership with the Illinois Arts Council, the announcement listed the following grants for art projects to 42 Chicago organizations totaling $955,000. Each grant is designed to support a specific project:

ABLE — artists are breaking boundaries and expectations; $20,000 for theater projects.

Artemisia; $10,000 for theater projects.

Roosevelt University Auditorium Theater; $25,000 for art education.

Barrel of Monkeys productions; $10,000 for art education.

changing worlds; $40,000 for art education.

Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE); $60,000 for art education.

Chicago Dance History Project; $10,000 for dance projects.

Chicago Film Company; $10,000 for media art projects.

filmmaker from Chicago; $25,000 for media art projects.

Chicago International Film Festival; $25,000 for media art projects.

Chicago Korean Dance Company; $15,000 for folk art and traditional art.

Chicago Philharmonic; $10,000 for music projects.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater; $50,000 for theater projects.

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE); $30,000 for local art agencies.

Collaboration Theater Company; $10,000 for theater projects.

Columbia College Chicago; $20,000 for dance projects.

contexts; $10,000 for literary art.

deeply rooted dance theater; $20,000 for dance projects.

Ensemble Dal Niente; $10,000 for music projects.

filter photo; $20,000 for fine art projects.

Free Street Theater; $10,000 for theater projects.

full-spectrum capabilities; $30,000 for media art projects.

Gilloury Institute; $40,000 for theater projects.

Grant Park Music Festival; $40,000 for music projects.

honey pot performance; $20,000 for theater projects.

Illinois Arts Alliance; $50,000 for presentations and multidisciplinary work.

Kartemquin instructional films; $35,000 for media art projects.

KV 265; $10,000 for presentations and multidisciplinary work.

League of Chicago Theaters Foundation; $10,000 for theater projects.

Left Hall Inc.; $10,000 for dance projects.

Looking Glass Theater Company; $15,000 for theater projects.

Lyric Opera of Chicago; $70,000 for opera projects.

MAKE literary productions; $10,000 for literary art.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; $45,000 for museum projects.

National Flute Association; $10,000 for music projects.

open the circle; $20,000 for dance projects.

Folk Music School, Inc.; $25,000 for art education.

Public Media Institute; $10,000 for media art projects.

SGA Youth and Family Services; $10,000 for folk art and traditional art.

Urban Gateways (Centers for Arts Education); $20,000 for media art projects.

Municipal Theater Chicago; $15,000 for theater projects.

Young Chicago Writers; $20,000 for art education.

This was the second major grant announcement from the Washington, DC-based NEA in 2022. The NEA is an independent federal government agency that provides support and funding for the arts. Its current chair is Maria Rosario Jackson, who was nominated by President Biden last October and became head of the NEA in January and visited Chicago in April during Expo Chicago.

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