Nebraska Football handles the state recruiting business

Nebraska football is trending heavily with the state’s top-ranked recruit in the 2023 class and has now received a crystal ball for being the No. 1 in 2024.

Recruitment is the lifeblood of any college football program. Nebraska football is no different, and while the Huskers don’t have a talented backyard compared to some other states in the country like Florida, Texas, and California to name a few, Nebraska still produces some talented football players.

For years, even decades, these players were almost automatic commitments to the Nebraska football program. In recent years, however, head coach Scott Frost has struggled to keep some of Nebraska State’s best players in Nebraska.

In the 2022 recruiting class, the Huskers missed the top four recruits in the state of Nebraska, and in 2021 the Huskers missed the top two.

Say what you want, but if Nebraska can’t even have Nebraska kids, that’s a problem.

Trev Alberts knew this, and when he agreed to give Frost more time through a revised contract, recruiting staff had to be a top priority.

The Huskers have done a great job on the transfer portal heading into the 2022 season and Alberts has spoken about how impressive that effort has been.

Turn the tide in the state of Nebraska

But efforts to re-establish the Huskers as the state’s dominant recruiting force are beginning to pay off. The highest ranked player in Nebraska for 2023 according to 247 Sports Composite Rankings is Malachi Coleman.

Coleman is 6-foot-5, 190 pounds and from Lincoln. He is 129th overall in the 2023 class and eighth among athletes. He could play wide receiver or edge rusher, and right now, Nebraska Football is the clear favorite to win his signing.

Oklahoma State landed No. 2 in the state and Oklahoma landed the signing of No. 3 Kade McIntyre, however the Huskers lead with No. 4 Maverick Noonan and also have verbal commitments from the other recruits ranked in the top 8.

So if Nebraska football is able, as expected, to get Coleman and Noonan signings, that would be six of the top eight players staying at home a year after losing each of the top four.

Looking ahead to the 2024 recruit class, Nebraska football has also gotten off to a strong start, just earning a crystal globe for Dae’vonn Hall, ranked No. 1 in the state in 2024.

Hall is 6-foot-1, 180 pounds from Bellevue, Nebraska, and in addition to being ranked No. 1 in the state, he also ranks 100th overall in the 247 sports composite rankings and is the 16th best wideout.

Moving into the Big Ten was a difficult transition for Nebraska football’s recruiting, but the Huskers are going back to basics and locking down their home state. That’s a huge start and it can go from there as long as the program wins again.

Nebraska’s national brand has faded, but it’s still there, and if the Huskers can win again, the positive recruiting momentum should follow.

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