Netflix’s The Old Guard 2 is filming now, Charlize Theron celebrated

While Charlize Theron has been getting a lot of attention lately for her continued antagonist run as Cipher in the Fast & Furious franchise and her surprise appearance as Clea in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the actress has also gained quite a foothold on Netflix. In a few months we will see her as Lady Lesso The School of Good and Eviland Theron also starred as the immortal warrior named Andy is 2020 The Old Guard. We’ve known that for a long time The Old Guard 2 is on the way, and Theron took to social media to catch a glimpse of her as she filmed the sequel.

The Old Guard 2 didn’t end up hitting the target date for principal shoot Charlize Theron teased in June 2021, but cameras are rolling now. The actress celebrated the start of this part of the creative process with the following Instagram post:

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