Nicole Kidman renews contract with AMC Theaters after viral advert

Kidman won’t be leaving AMC screens anytime soon, having just renewed her contract as a brand ambassador for the theater chain.

That “indescribable feeling” is going nowhere.

For many regular moviegoers who live near an AMC theater, one of the more unexpected surprises of the past year has been to see Nicole Kidman in a wholesome spot that airs before each movie. After a multi-year pandemic robbed many cinephiles of their favorite pastime, it was a quaint way to welcome the movies back into our lives to see a beloved actress wax poetic about feeling “not just entertained, but somehow reborn together.” to become”. The video was a hit with fans, and it seems Nicole Kidman and the top executives at AMC theaters feel the same way.

The theater chain’s recent quarterly conference call (and meme-inspired investor dividend) contained an important piece of information for fans of the “Moulin Rouge” star: Kidman is currently in talks to renew her deal as a brand ambassador for AMC Theaters, to ensure her Face will be visible for at least a year before the film starts.

“As Nicole Kidman reminds us in AMC’s now iconic and revered ad campaign, it’s clear that with Hollywood having great stories to tell, movie fans are keen to enjoy these dazzling images on AMC’s giant solo screens,” said CEO Adam Aron continued the call. “Speaking of Nicole, our advertising campaign was so effective that we enlisted her as our spokesperson for another full year. The success of the second quarter has continued into the third quarter.”

While no further information was provided about other videos she may or may not be filming, the news is hardly surprising. Kidman’s ad became an unexpected viral hit when it was first released, as many movie lovers who missed out on the cinematic experience during the pandemic embraced the video’s wholesomeness. The star herself isn’t exactly sure why the ad became so popular, but she appreciates fans’ enthusiasm for her art form.

“I can’t tell you why it worked or why it went viral,” Kidman said. “But what I can tell you is that the reaction is a direct result of the amount of people going back to the theaters to enjoy the films. And that is exciting.”

In addition to her continued responsibilities as the official face of AMC, Kidman will return as Atlanna alongside Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. She will also be appearing as a voice actor in the upcoming skydance animated film Spellbound. With such a busy schedule, fans may need to get used to seeing their own commercials before their films in AMC theaters.

IndieWire has reached out to Nicole Kidman’s reps for comment.

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