NIKKI SIXX of MÖTLEY CRÜE co-wrote the theme song for the film The Retaliators.

In anticipation of the forthcoming theatrical release of Better sound films‘ new horror thriller “The Retaliators” worldwide release on September 14th Better noise music released the film’s theme song along with a music video featuring clips from the film on digital platforms today (5 August). “The Retaliators Theme Song (21 Bullets)” co-written by Nikki Sixx and JamesMichael from SIXX:AMfeatures MOTLEY CRUE, ALEXANDRIA QUESTIONS, ICE NINE KILLS and FROM ASHES TO NEW and is marked on “The Retaliators Original Movie Soundtrack”due September 16 over Better noise music.

“Writing a new theme song for a horror movie was inspiring,” he says sixx. “This was my first time writing for a horror thriller film and it took me in a different direction than the first theme song I wrote – “The Dirt (1981)” through MOTLEY CRUE. I’ve been collaborating with some great new artists to create a new sound that will expand MOTLEY CRUE‘s audience to new fans. I had a great time writing it and I think our fans will love it too.”

“We have a great line-up of artists “The Retaliators” sound track,” says better noise chairman Allen Kovac. “At better noise, we bring music and film together and the fans respond. We’re expecting a great result.”

The soundtrack features a hard-hitting lineup of rock tracks from several of Better noise musicmany of which also appear on screen, including tommy lee (MOTLEY CRUE),Ivan Moody (FIVE FINGER MANDATORY SLASH) and Jacoby Schaddix (PAPA ROACH). “The Retaliators Original Movie Soundtrack” Pre-orders are available now including the soundtrack, offered on a limited 180gm splattered red and black vinyl collection, in a gatefold sleeve with exclusive movie stills, a collectible 24×36 movie poster, a blood-splattered O -Card and a digital download; Digipak CD and cassette.

The digital version of “The Retaliators Original Movie Soundtrack” will contain the track “Police are here” from the film’s official score, arranged by “Stranger Things” composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stone. The soundtrack will also feature snippets from the film interspersed in the track listing, driving the film’s main message: “If you could spend a minute alone with the person who killed your loved one… would you take it?”

“A violent and lively blow to the pit of the stomach, “The Retaliators” is a rock song born on the big screen that will be a hit with music and horror fans alike.” Hollywood News (Aug 2021). “The Retaliators” is based on the real-life story of an upstanding pastor who uncovers a dark and twisted underworld while searching for answers surrounding the brutal murder of his daughter and the stars Michael Lombardi (fx‘s “Save me”, “The two”) and Marc Menchaca (“ozark”, “Black Mirror”). Visit to reserve your tickets at your local cinema.

Photo courtesy of Jason Shaltz / SiriusXM

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