Oklahoma cinema posts “Warning sign” ahead of Lightyear Gay Kiss

Lightyear trailer

Lightyear trailer


A movie theater in Oklahoma put up “Warning” signs light year with a gay kiss — and told guests it would fast-forward across the scene during its screenings.

The latest theatrical release from Disney and Pixar is the toy story spin off light year, which follows Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Chris Evans) and the backstory that inspired Tim Allen’s action figure in the popular series. In one scene, Buzz’s colleague Alisha Hawthorne (voiced by Uzo Aduba) says she has a wife. The couple are briefly shown kissing and later greeting a young son.

The inclusion of the same-sex hug generated controversy in some markets, with overseas countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates going so far as to ban the release altogether.

In the town of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, local movie theater 89er Theater put up signs on its doors “warning” parents about the kiss and saying they would fast-forward the scene, according to KFOR.

The sign read, “Warning. Attention Parents: After booking ‘Lightyear’, the management of this cinema discovered that there was a same-sex kissing scene within the first 30 minutes of the Pixar film. We’ll do everything we can to fast-forward through this scene, but it might not be accurate. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this late discovery of this scene.”

KFOR reported that the sign was visible over the weekend when light year debuted as the No. 2 film in America but was removed on Monday.

The 89er Theater did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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A local mother told KFOR that the sign “upset her”: “I don’t want my child to be afraid of anyone, depending on who they love or what their orientation is. And I feel like this poster inspires fear.” Another local woman told NBC News that she thought the sign was “bigotic” and “cruel.”

“I told them that it’s totally offensive for them to censor a same-sex kiss if they’ve never done it to a opposite-sex kiss. I will never see a movie in this theater as long as I own it,” she added.

The other film currently showing at the Oklahoma Theater is Jurassic World Dominion, which features a bisexual character in newcomer Kayla, played by DeWanda Wise. way told diversity on adding her character to the popular franchise: “It’s important to keep expanding and diversifying what [sexuality] looks what it means. The same goes for conversations about diversity and representation in general — that is, at some point it has to be so well woven, so natural, that you can feel it in the fiber and the truth of the character.”

About the controversy some people find with light year‘s Variety, Evans, 41, told Reuters Television: “The real truth is these people are jerks.”

“There will always be people who are scared and unaware and trying to hold on to what came before, but those people are dying like dinosaurs,” he added. “I think the goal is to ignore them, to march forward and embrace the growth that makes us human.”

Backstage, light year Producer Galyn Susman narrates The Merkur News last week that Disney “supported” having a lesbian couple in the film, “but there was definitely opposition to having that kiss shown on screen as it ultimately is.

As the actress Aduba told vanity fair“It’s incredible and hats off to Disney and Pixar that this kiss is part of this story. The kiss is a greeting and a tender gesture of love. It establishes who they are as humans, but it is not the unique identifier of who any of them are. Seeing a loving gay couple in a meaningful way is important for everyone.

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