Oklahoma Theater Promises to “Fast Fast Forward” Through Same-Sex Kissing in Disney’s “Lightyear” / LGBTQ Nation

Buzz Lightyear in Pixar's upcoming Toy Story prequel

Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story prequelPhoto: Pixar

A movie theater in Oklahoma put up a sign over the weekend promising to fast-forward through a scene depicting a same-sex kiss in Disney’s new Pixar animated film light year.

“Attention Parents: The management of this theater discovered after booking ‘Lightyear’ that there was a same-sex kissing scene within the first 30 minutes of the Pixar film,” reads the sign outside the 89er Theater in Kingfisher, OH. “We’re going to do everything we can to fast-forward through this scene, but it might not be accurate.”

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The sign was reportedly gone Monday, according to NBC News affiliate KFOR, and the theater’s spokesman said they wouldn’t skip the scene at screenings. But Kingfisher residents were dismayed that it was ever released.

“I don’t want my kid to be scared of anyone, depending on who they love or what their orientation is,” says Jacqueline Williams. “And I feel like this poster is scary.”

Patricia Kasbek tells NBC From news that she left a voicemail at the theater complaining about the sign.

“I told them that if they’ve never done it on an opposite-sex kiss, it’s totally offensive to them to censor a same-sex kiss.”

Alex Wade, associate director of Oklahomans for Equality, says he’s not surprised that something like this is happening in his state.

“But it breaks my heart that young LGBTQ+ Oklahomans are being made to feel like there’s something wrong with them,” he says. “So we’re developing chapters in rural Oklahoma, to show everyone there are people in their corner.”

“The sign tells kids it’s not okay to be gay, it’s not okay to be different,” says former theater worker Eric Ogilvie, who is gay. “You don’t want those kids to see it, but that’s not the real world.”

The short scene in the toy story The spin-off only features one character kissing her wife chastely on the cheek, but that hasn’t stopped the film from sparking controversy. Disney initially cut the scene but later restored it in the film after LGBTQ employees and Pixar allies sent a letter to The Walt Disney Company criticizing the censorship of “openly gay affection” in their films. Disney has continued to refuse to remove the scene anyway light year Banned in 14 countries as a result.

“When same-sex couples show affection, even the chaste kiss, it’s sexualized and treated as if it were explicit,” says Wade. “If this were a straight couple, the theater would never consider skipping it because straight couples are given the grace to be intimate without being shamed.”

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