Online Soccer Betting Guide

If you want to bet on soccer online, there are a few steps you need to follow to make the process quick and easy. A successful football betting experience starts with creating an account with secure and top quality sportsbooks like sportwetten24. Below is other important information you need to know about football betting on the internet.

How to bet on soccer online?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to bet on football online at any sportsbook.

Register on a betting site: There are numerous football betting sites online. However, make sure you pitch your tent with legitimate, safe, and excellent options. Visit the website of your chosen football site to register. Make sure you use your legitimate information to avoid identification problems in the future.

Email Verification: Once you have registered you will be asked to verify your email in order to start betting on your newly created account.

Account Funding: After the email confirmation, you need to fund your betting account to start betting for real money and enjoy the fantastic rewards as a newbie to the betting platform.

Choosing Betting Options: Navigating through the numerous betting options can be very tricky and confusing. Before that, you need to research the best options for each soccer game you want to bet on. Don’t fret, however; We’ve covered some football betting options below.

Start Betting: After doing your research, choose your options and the amount you want to wager and click the Bet Now button.

Popular soccer lines

In order to venture into online soccer betting, you need to understand soccer betting lines. Soccer is a low scoring sport played over two forty-five minute halves. In addition, most football matches are limited to this regulation time, with injury time added by the referee according to his total calculation throughout the match.

However, in elimination tournaments, overtime and shootout are dependent on the outcome of the game in regulation ninety-minute time. In this regard, football betting lines are established based on the result of the regular ninety minutes (45 minutes per half).

Here are the most popular types of soccer betting lines;

  • Moneyline: Also called Matchwinners, are available at all online soccer betting sites. It simply means that you select the winning bet. You have to choose the team that you think will win the game.

  • Over/Under Goals: The second most popular football line, this option allows you to select the total number of goals scored in a game. In football games, goals are not much compared to other sports. So you need to know this as it will help you in the decision to select the total number of goals in a game.

  • Point Spread: This is another common soccer bet line; This option allows you to select a result based on favorite team or underdogs. In a sports game, one team is always considered the favorite and the other the underdog. The favorite is one of the bookmakers, and virtually everyone expects them to win. However, the underdog is seen as a losing team. For example, if Chelsea plays Wigan, you are betting that Chelsea will cover a -3 spread against Wigan. The Blues need to win the game by more than four goals, meaning you’re betting on Chelsea to win the game after Wigan were awarded three goals before kick-off.

  • Correct Results: Most sports bettors are risk takers. If you belong to this category, you will love this option. As the name suggests, you have to bet on the exact result of a football match. Despite being a tough football line, it has massive returns.

  • Half time result: Here you bet on half of the game. In the first half of a football game, you decide whether you win or lose.

  • Both Teams to Score: This means that both teams will score in a football game.

  • Half Time/Full Time Combination: You select the results of both halves

  • Double Chance: This means you have the chance to bet on two out of the three probable outcomes of a football match. For example, you bet on a win or draw against Newcastle, Newcastle on a draw or win, or one of the two teams on a win.

Understanding the dos and don’ts of online soccer betting

After placing your first soccer bet online, here are the do’s and don’ts that should guide your online betting experience.


  • Wait for the football team line-up: It is sometimes advisable to wait for the release of the teams’ line-ups in order to know their efficiency in a match. It will tell you if the key player of a certain team will play. This can affect the outcome of a game.

  • Motivation: This will help you know if a certain team will give their all in the game. For example, Liverpool vs. Manchester United is a rival football game, meaning both teams will play harder to win the game.

  • Sometimes bet on underdogs: Underdogs are the slightest favorites in a game, which means they are unlikely to win a soccer game. However, they come with great odds that can bring you a sizable payout.


  • Bet with Emotion: As a bettor, you might want to bet on your favorite team even though you know the odds are against you. Rely on facts, history and other records, not emotions.

  • Bet on unknown leagues: There are numerous leagues and tournaments in football. Focus and bet on the leagues you know so well to increase your chances of winning.

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