Packer Schedule: Opposite Pass Rush Leaderboards

Which NFL defenses make up the top 5 opposing pass rush rankings from the upcoming Green Bay Packers schedule?

Another week of ranking the Packers opposing position groups. Let’s tackle the pass rush groups this time. And not just the edge rush, but the defensive front as a whole. Judging by a wide receiver ranking article with many elite groups, opposing pass rush units don’t seem that intimidating. That’s not to say these teams won’t cause problems for the Packers offensive line, but Green Bay should be a good fit. Without further ado, here are the top five defense pass rush rankings the Packers will see in 2022.

5.Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles may not field a dominant pass rusher, but they attack with depth and inner strength. Josh Sweat is your pass rush specialist from the edge. He’s not a full-time starter but gets on passing downs after the QB. Inside, Philadelphia is strong. Both Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave know how to pocket squeeze. Constantly being able to generate internal pressure can be lethal to opponents. Philly has the manpower to keep the boys fresh and attacking.

The big factor for the Eagles in 2022 is the return of Brandon Graham. Sure, Graham is long aging on his way into the season at 34, but he’s accomplished a lot throughout his career. If he can play close to his pre-injury self, Philadelphia has a dangerous pass-rushing group.

4. Tennessee Titans

In 2021, the Titans produced 43 sacks from every possible position. Harold Landry had his coming out party with 12 sacks over the edge. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Simmons continues to impress as one of the league’s finest young centre-backs. Simmons lived in backfields and had 8.5 QB takedowns. Don’t be surprised if that total hits double digits this season. Denico Autry was a big surprise last season. The 31-year-old hit his career high with 9 sacks. Well, if Bud Dupree can produce in his 2nd year in Tennessee, this pass rush is in business. Dupree only had 3 sacks last year but when he’s healthy he can do a lot more.

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3. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have the biggest unknown with the most advantages on this list. At their full potential, they could be number 1 on this list. However, if health is holding them back, they are not a factor. It all depends on the passrush duo of Danielle Hunter and Za’Darius Smith, of course. When healthy, these two are as good as any edge duo in the league. Before his injury, Hunter had 14.5 consecutive sack seasons. It’s long and explosive, but an injury sidelined it for the better part of 2 years. Smith also produced consecutive dominant seasons before a back injury kept him out for most of 2021. Packers fans certainly know the impact of Zs when healthy.

Behind Hunter and Smith is DJ Wonnum, who had 8 sacks last season (5 against the Bears). Inside, Armon Watts also created pressure, but overall the success of this pass rush will depend on the top edge rushers and their health. The Vikings are all in and Hunter and Smith revert to their old form.

2. Los Angeles Aries

When arguably the greatest defensive tackle of all time is at the heart of your defense, there will be success. Super Bowl champion Rams has Aaron Donald’s luxury of harassing opposing quarterbacks. Donald has been nothing but spectacular during his Hall of Fame career and 2022 will be business as usual. He can move around the defensive front and will challenge double teams.

Speedrush specialist Leonard Floyd had a career year in 2021. He recorded 12 sacks in his debut season in Los Angeles. Floyd is fluid and uses his speed to bend around the edge for pressure. Defensive tackle Greg Gaines was also under pressure, but LA isn’t as deep as other teams on this list. However, with Donald and Floyd’s elite production, the Rams’ pass rush will be a handful.

1. Washington Commanders

And that brings us to the top. The commanders might be a bit of a surprise here. Overall, they might not get the most sacks from these 5 teams on this list. However, they possess something that no other team offers. Washington can consistently apply pressure from all four points on their balanced front. Your four starters are all QB hunters and don’t need to blitz for help.

Defensive end Chase Young is back from injury and the sky is the limit for #99. He has all the gifts to be elite. Montez Sweat always seems to fly under the radar, but he’s solid on the other side. Sweat has 22 sacks in the last 3 seasons, but he’s constantly under pressure at quarterbacks. Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen are one of the best tandems in the NFL. The pair accounted for 15 sacks in 2021. The Commanders also added rookie big man Phidarian Mathis to the mix. Mathis excelled in Alabama by getting internal pressure. With a rising Superstar off the edge and superior inside play, the Commander is #1 on this list.

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