Patriots 2022 Schedule: Every Game Prediction, Opponent Overall Wins, Record Prediction

The Patriots returned to the playoffs last season after a year-long hiatus, but hopes of another Lombardi Trophy were quickly dashed thanks to an offensive attack by the Buffalo Bills. While New England’s postseason success hasn’t met the standard Bill Belichick had set for the past two decades, the club can tip its hat to the search for its next franchise quarterback in Mac Jones. The big question, however, is how much leap the former first-round pick can make going into Year 2. That could set the bar for how far this Patriots team can go in 2022.

Below are early predictions for every single game in the Patriots’ 18-week regular season schedule:

Line: Dolphins -3 | Opponent wins: O/U 8.5

Miami has gone all-in this offseason, bringing players like Tyreek Hill, Terron Armstead and a number of running backs to the Tua Tagovailoa area. While the Dolphins have certainly improved on the club that swept New England a year ago, they will take time to gel, giving the Patriots an early opportunity to jump into the victory column.

Forecast: Patriots win 27-21
Recording: 1-0

Opponent wins: O/U 7.5

Pittsburgh will field either Mitchell Trubisky or Kenny Pickett for this matchup. I’m betting on the rookie winning the job at camp and starting the year as a starter, which is good news for Bill Belichick, who is enjoying first-year signal callers. This situation will be no different.

Forecast: Patriots win 28-20
Recording: 2-0

Opponent wins: O/U 9.5

Baltimore struggled badly with injuries last offseason and missed the playoffs as a result. Now that they’re perfectly healthy, they should once again be one of the AFC’s elite teams, which is bad news for New England. Lamar Jackson gave that defense a leg and arm headache all afternoon, spoiling the home opener.

Forecast: Patriots lose 30-21
Recording: 2-1

Opponent wins: O/U 11

Green Bay will have had about a month to figure out a pecking order for their receiver-position offense after trading off Davante Adams this offseason. Even with a receiver unit that lacks star power, Aaron Rodgers copes and shows the Patriots defense why he is the back-to-back defending MVP.

Forecast: Patriots lose 33-24
Recording: 2-2

Week 5 vs Lions

Opponent wins: O/U 6

Detroit was a scrappy team last season, even if their 3-13-1 record didn’t exactly show it. They’re making it a little harder than expected for the Patriots this game, but Bill Belichick’s ground attack, led by Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson, holds out against a running defense that was ranked 31st in the NFL last season.

Forecast: Patriots win 27-17
Recording: 3-2

Opponent wins: O/U 9.5

This game is difficult to predict because we don’t know who will be the focus for Cleveland at this stage of the season. For this exercise, we present a scenario where Deshaun Watson has been suspended by the NFL for six games, preventing him from playing against New England. That puts old friend Jacoby Brissett on the starting grid, which is a much easier matchup for Bill Belichick’s defense.

Forecast: Patriots win 24-20
Recording: 4-2

Week 7 vs Bears

Opponent wins: O/U 6.5

This matchup pits two first-round quarterbacks from the 2021 NFL Draft for the first time in their careers. Although Mac Jones certainly has more weapons at his disposal than Justin Fields in Chicago, it will still be an intriguing duel. Still, Jones takes on his drafted classmate on Monday night with one of his best performances of the season.

Forecast: Patriots win 33-21
Recording: 5-2

Week 8 at Jets

Opponent wins: O/U 5.5

New York has made great strides in rebuilding this off-season, but this club is still a long way from real competition. Zach Wilson will make life harder for the Patriots defense at home, but New England will still beat them and pick up a win in a short week.

Forecast: Patriots win 23-20
Recording: 6-2

Week 9 vs Colts

Opponent wins: O/U 9.5

Indy is a far better club than they are in 2021, thanks largely to their upgrade at quarterback from Carson Wentz to Matt Ryan. While this quarterback change will certainly help them against the Patriots, it will be Jonathan Taylor sticking a dagger in this New England defense, similar to his 170-yard contest last season. And already the winning streak of four games is broken.

Forecast: Patriots lose 27-17
Recording: 6-3

Week 11 vs Jets

Opponent wins: O/U 5.5

New England goes into the reunion with the bitter aftertaste of a loss to the Colts, which is bad news for New York. The Jets will roll into Gillette Stadium against a motivated and rested Patriots team, who are having a dominating day defensively and keep Zach Wilson constantly on the move.

Forecast: Patriots win 33-17
Recording: 7-3

Opponent wins: O/U 9

The Patriots will spend Thanksgiving in Minnesota where they will play the finals of the NFL’s triple-header against the Vikings. This is going to be a tough matchup for this Patriots defense as Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson are Kirk Cousins’ main weapons. However, Cousins’ struggles in Thursday’s games (3-5 in his career) will be highlighted and will help the Patriots weather the excitement.

Forecast: Patriots win 27-24
Recording: 8-3

Week 13 against bills

Opponent wins: O/U 11.5

We’ll have to wait until Week 13 to see how the Patriots take on Buffalo, but it’s more like what we’ve seen for most of last season. The Bills used that game to show the 8-3 Patriots they’re still a notch above them in the divisional hierarchy, and put together a dominating display on offense that Mac Jones just can’t fight.

Forecast: Patriots lose 33-21
Recording: 8-4

Opponent wins: O/U 9

The Patriots get the unfortunate lot of facing the Cardinals late in the season, which means they have to face wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who has been suspended for the first six weeks of the season. While this means a tough matchup for the Patriots secondary team, Bill Belichick will have extra time after Thursday’s game in Week 13 to prepare for Monday night’s football game. That should be enough time to formulate a plan to negate this high-flying offense.

Forecast: Patriots win 33-27
Recording: 9-4

Opponent wins: O/U 8.5

Arguably the most anticipated duel in the Patriots’ regular-season schedule comes in Week 15, pitting the apprentice (Josh McDaniels) against the champion (Bill Belichick). Of course, this primetime affair in Las Vegas will draw the attention of the entire league, and it will be McDaniels who defeats his former team. While Belichick may be the more decorated coach, McDaniels has the better squad with Derek Carr throwing to Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow and Davante Adams while pass rushers Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones press Mac Jones on the other end.

Forecast: Patriots lose 30-17
Recording: 9-5

Opponent wins: O/U 9.5

The defending AFC champions roll into Foxborough on Christmas Eve and take on a gassed Patriots team. New England will have four games in a row in prime time and it will show in this clash against Joe Burrow on the Cincinnati offense.

Forecast: Patriots lose 33-20
Recording: 9-6

Week 17 vs Dolphins

Opponent wins: O/U 8.5

Typically, facing the dolphins late in the year is a nightmare recipe for the Patriots. Luckily for Bill Belichick and co., this postseason fling is taking place in New England and not Miami, which will help them stop the skidding and post double-digit wins.

Recording: 10-6

Week 18 at Bills

Opponent wins: O/U 11.5

Unless the No. 1 is already suspended, Buffalo will be firing on all cylinders in the final week of the season. In a result similar to Week 13, the Bills give the home crowd a statement win to show they’re set for another deep playoff push.

Forecast: Patriots lose 33-24
Recording: 10-7

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