Pro Football Focus rates Bengal’s offseason

With the Cincinnati Bengals team fully prepared (for the most part) for how they will start the 2020 season, Pro Football Focus has released their off-season grades for all 32 teams.

With free agent signings down the offensive line, players being retained, and the NFL Draft, PFF was naturally high on the moves Cincinnati was making as they loaded up for another chance at the Super Bowl.


Low season class: A

Free Agency class: Good

Draft grade: B+

First, the side notes the most noticeable improvement, that of the offensive line. After seeing quarterback Joe Burrow fired 70 times (including the postseason), it was no secret what it took for the front office to attack this spring. Their evaluation process not only considered the quality of the players the team acquired, but also the way they went about it.

“The Bengals’ offseason strategy this year could be taught in a clinic. They just got to the Super Bowl but knew they needed to revamp their offensive line. Instead of paying prime money to the best offensive lineman they could find (Jacksonville…), they spread their investments across multiple Tier 2 free agents in the early hours of free agency. Guard Alex Cappa and center Ted Karras presented two clear upgrades. They had the patience to wait out Dallas and then recruit La’el Collins to play the right tackle without giving up a draft pick to make it happen. Suddenly, four-fifths of the Bengals’ offensive line is in good shape, giving the team the flexibility to design any position.”

Draft-wise, PFF once again commended the Bengals for their selection as the offensive line has been significantly improved and highlighted the flexibility their first-round selection brings.

“That led to draft picks like Daxton Hill — a versatile defenseman from Michigan. Hill has primarily championed the Wolverines, but no one is sure where he fits in Cincinnati’s secondary because the team now has the luxury of just adding good players and piecing them together later.

At the start of the summer it was difficult to find anyone in the media who could do that not like what the Bengals did. With an ‘A’ grade from one of the most trusted football analysis sites, fans should brace themselves for another exciting season.

“The Bengals with Joe Burrow at quarterback should remain contenders because of this offseason.”

Yes, we like the sound of it.

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