Pueblo County Hires Ramie Enriquez as Head Football Coach

Ramie Enriquez is the new head coach of the Pueblo County football team.

Even as a child, Ramie Enriquez wanted to give something back to the Pueblo community.

As Pueblo County High School’s new head football coach, he’s in a unique position to do that.

“I just want to thank all of the people who helped get me to this point: my family, my wife, my kids, my mom, and then just Pueblo in general,” Enriquez said.

“We (Puebloans) are a different race, a tough race. And it kind of shaped me into the man I am today. So this is a big, big thing for me to show my appreciation for the county of Pueblo.”

Enriquez has always had a passion for sports, playing basketball and soccer at Pueblo West from 2002-2006.

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