QuakeCon 2022 schedule: How to watch it online

QuakeCon 2022 is one of the biggest Xbox events of the year and was a must-attend event for Bethesda and video game fans. What makes this year’s event even more interesting is that the event is now owned by Microsoft, having bought the company in 2021.

What makes Bethesda Softworks so popular?

According to Mirror.co.uk story, Bethesda Softworks is one of the biggest companies in the gaming industry. It is known for some of the most famous games since Bethesda Game Studios owns “Elden Ring” and even “Fallout”.

Bethesda Softworks also owns Arkane Studios, responsible for Dishonored and Prey, along with DOOM’s studio id Software, Machine Games, responsible for Wolfenstein, and more.

Date and time of QuakeCon 2022 UK

The event is also expected to unveil Arkane’s brand new title, Redfall. However, there will be an absence that fans may feel as the RPG Starfield, one of Bethesda’s highly anticipated titles, will not be announced or attend the event.

QuakeCon is reportedly taking place August 18-20, starting at 5:15 p.m. with its UK pre-show. However, the main event is expected to start streaming at 18:00 BST for UK viewers.

The event will not return to Dallas

Visit the QuakeCon website for the full event schedule. As per the website, there will be consistent shows and competitions for fans to follow throughout the three day event.

A major step that will happen to QuakeCon is that she will not return to Dallas, her primary residence, before the coronavirus pandemic even begins. Instead, the event will be digital and available online for everyone.

How to watch QuakeCon 2022 online

In order for fans to see the event, all they need to do is have a Twitch account. The official QuakeCon Twitch channel will be broadcasting the event. There is no news on whether the event can be followed elsewhere outside of the official Twitch account.

Among the various highlights that will be the spectacle of the show are Elder Scrolls Online, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Fallout 76 and Quake Arkane’s Redfall is expected to take center stage after news broke that the Game is postponed to 2023.

Big updates from Bethesda

Bethesda further confirmed the update described as disappointing Twitterand notes that they have decided to delay the launches of “Starfield” and “Redfall” until early 2023.

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Schedule for Day 1 of Quakecon 2022

QuakeCon also took to Twitter to officially announce the date, time and what players can expect from the event, which will reportedly start at 1:00pm ET to 11:30pm ET.

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