Rutgers Football Recruiting Update: Where does Sean Gleeson’s latest QB pick, Ryan Puglisi, excel the most?

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano offered his fifth quarterback of the 2024 class Tuesday alongside offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson: Three Stars Ryan Puglisi from Avon (Conn.) Old Farms, adding another dimension to Rutgers’ QB recruiting pool. We’ve analyzed the other second quarterbacks Rutgers has offered, but what makes Puglisi unique?

The 6-3, 200-pounder has a strong arm and can fit the ball between tight covers and into tight spaces. He makes small window shots with accuracy and speed, plus he clearly had the chemistry with the receivers he worked with every day.

Puglisi is confident, has touch and can throw the ball over the heads of linebackers and DBs into the hands of his playmakers. He buys himself time to pass with his feet while his eyes are down (looking for receivers), and he can throw accurately on the run by moving right-to-left and left-to-right. He can freeze defenders with his eyes on one side of the field before charging the other way and exploding in the top field.

He uses his sturdy frame to gain yards between tackles and off the ledge on called quarterback runs, and runs after his size: Puglisi, a baseball player with guts, ducks linebackers – something Gleeson probably learned from him would require .

“I love Coach Gleeson,” Puglisi told NJ Advance Media. “We’ve built a great relationship over the past few months. I love how he teaches the game. I can tell he’s a hard working guy and that’s someone I want to play for.”

Puglisi has been gaining ground all spring as more than 10 coaches, including Gleeson, watched him pitch against Avon and left him impressed. His recruitment was prompted by a transfer from Lawrence Academy in Groton, Mass., to Avon, where college coaches travel regularly each year.

Puglisi throws an accurate fade route down the sideline and often finds receivers on the seam and can zip all short and medium throws.

Rutgers is the 13th school to offer Puglisi, who have also offered Boston College, Duke, Indiana, Minnesota, Ole Miss, Pitt, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.


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