School Board Approves Improved Schedule for Additional Mandatory Supplements | news

The Warren County Board of Education during its regular monthly meeting on May 10 approved an improved schedule for additional service allowances for athletic directors, coaches, assistant coaches and band directors.

During the April board meeting, Superintendent Keith Sutton told board members that Warren County Schools had not reviewed their pay plan for additional assignments in several years. At the same time, school districts in surrounding counties and in the same athletic conference as Warren County have adjusted their pay plans upwards for additional duties, making it harder to recruit and retain coaches, he added.

Sutton noted that Warren County is similar to many other small North Carolina counties in that coaches may coach multiple sports and/or serve in multiple roles within the school system.

He pointed out that the current additional roster is primarily based on years of experience. Sutton proposed revising the current pay plan to better reflect the duties and responsibilities of each position while continuing to reflect years of experience. He pointed out that athletic directors, for example, need to take on the same responsibilities regardless of how long they have worked with the school system.

During last week’s meeting, the school system’s chief operations officer, John Milliner-Williams, told board members that they echoed Sutton’s concerns about recruiting and retaining staff with the supplemental pay scale that has been in place for a number of years.

Milliner-Williams said surcharges for some new coaches in surrounding school districts are well over $4,000. In contrast, the bid for a new high school athletic director or football coach was $2,500 under the schedule that had been in place for several years. The supplement did not reach $4,000 until the 25th year of employment.

“It’s difficult to recruit young, energetic coaches for the county,” Milliner-Williams said.

He added that many coaches don’t stay in the same district for 25 years or more like they have in the past.

The new supplemental plan applies to athletic coaches, cheerleading coaches and band directors. Milliner-Williams told board members that it was designed to remain employees of the school system by showing that they are valued, while rewarding staff fairly for the additional roles, duties and responsibilities they assume.

Under the new supplement plan, the supplement for the high school athletic director would range from $4,500 for the first five years of employment to $5,400 for 16 or more years in the school system.

High school coaches for the top revenue-generating sports, soccer and basketball, would receive bonuses ranging from $4,000 in the first five years to $4,900 in 16th grade and beyond.

All other high school coaches would receive surcharges ranging from $2,500 in the first five years to $3,400 in 16th grade and beyond. High school assistant coaches would receive surcharges ranging from $2,500 in their first five years to $3,400 in 16th grade and beyond. The surcharge for the high school band would be $2,500.

Milliner-Williams informed the board members that the starting allowances at the middle school level would be: $1,800 for the athletic director, $1,400 for head coaches, and $1,100 for assistant coaches.

At the high school level, the supplements would be awarded as follows:

• Athletic Director: $300 per week for an extended season (playoffs)

• Head Coach: $300 for conference recognition, such as. B. Coach of the Year, and $300 per week for Extended Season

• Assistant Coach and Strength Coach: $100 per week for extended season

At the intermediate level, additional supplements would be awarded as follows:

• Athletic Director: $300 per week for extended season

• Head Coach: $150 for conference credit and $150 per week for extended season

• Assistant Coach: $100 per week for extended season.

Sutton said Warren County Schools are continuing to develop an academic achievement incentive.

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