Soccer: US men’s and women’s teams share World Cup prize money

The United States celebrate the 2019 World Cup victoryGetty Images

The United States women’s team has won four world championships. The best placing of their male peers was third place in 1930

Men’s and women’s US soccer teams will share prize money from the World Cup, as well as television and sponsorship monies equally, as part of a series of deals agreed to provide equal pay.

This was announced by the US soccer authority The United States Soccer Federation on Wednesday.

Earlier this year, the US women’s national soccer team announced it had reached an equal pay agreement with governing body US Soccer – but it was not clear how this would happen in practice.

US Soccer and the two teams have now agreed that reallocating the prize money between the teams is a good start.

The agreements, which run until the end of 2028, also guarantee that the women’s team will play at venues of the same quality, stay in hotels of the same standard and receive the same number of charter flights to travel to the games.

The men’s team now also receives childcare allowance, which the women’s team has had for more than 25 years.

This is a truly historic moment. These agreements changed the game forever here in the United States and have the potential to change the game around the world.

Cindy Parlow Cone , US Soccer President

This makes US Soccer the first federation in the world to award equal prize money to women’s and men’s teams at World Cups, with each player receiving the same entry fee.

The US men have already qualified for their competition in Qatar in 2022, while the women’s team won the last World Cup in France and is expected to qualify for Australia 2023 later this summer.

How different is the situation for men’s and women’s teams?

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Competitions like the She Believes Cup have raised the profile of women’s football and helped make it more popular with ever-increasing ticket sales

Currently, the men’s World Cup in Qatar has a purse of $440 million, while the women’s tournament in Australia 2023 has a purse of $60 million.

Male players were paid multiple times as female players would receive, with US players also receiving bonuses based on payments to the federation from Fifa.

US Soccer had previously said it would be difficult to align prize money between the two sides as Fifa amounts differ significantly between the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Striker Margaret Purse has spoken about the difficulties of growing up and seeing the disparities in the game of football for women and men.

She said, “My dad always told me that you’re not rewarded for doing what you’re supposed to do — and paying men and women alike is what you should be doing.”

I’m very proud of the girls who see this growing up and acknowledging their worth instead of having to fight for it.

Margaret Purc, US Forward

Back in 2019, the women’s squad players went to court to fight the fact that men were paid more than them for the same work.

Instead, an agreement was reached and the team were paid $24million (£17.7million) to acknowledge it was wrong. At the time, US Soccer said the new agreement was “a necessary and critical step toward resolution.”

The US women’s team has consistently played at a much higher level than the men, having won the Women’s World Cup four times.

They also finished runners-up once and third three times, while the men never progressed past the last 16 and failed to qualify on multiple occasions.

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