Soon you won’t be able to watch a football game without seeing EA Sports FC everywhere

Video game giant EA and FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, are in the final stages of what will be one of the longest-running partnerships in the history of the industry. EA’s current license agreement with FIFA is about to expire (opens in new tab) and FIFA 23 will be the last game released (September 30 for PC), after which the publisher will rename the series to EA Sports FC.

This is a risk for EA. The FIFA series is nothing short of a golden goose that lays billions of dollars worth of eggs every year, and there’s no denying that part of the series’ success has been its partnership with FIFA, and how the word has become synonymous with video games -Football was. EA’s CEO has spoken harshly about it being just “four letters on the front of the box,” but the publisher knows it needs an unprecedented awareness and marketing campaign to build momentum and visibility for the series as the default choice for maintain video games.

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