Spy: Taika talk – pirates, dads on tour… and is he about to tie the knot?

Taika Waititi wraps up the interview with This Morning as host Phillip Schofield tried to ask him about his alleged upcoming wedding to pop star Rita Ora. Video / ITV

It looks like it’s been a full year for our beloved superstar film director Taika Waititi with a packed filming schedule and rumors that he is about to marry his partner, British singer/songwriter Rita Ora.

Both Waititi and Ora are keeping a low profile about their plans, but speculation is mounting in the British press that the couple is planning an English wedding.

Now the stars align with Waititi, who flies business class this week with his two daughters Te Hinekaahu, 9, and Matewa, 6, to London, where Ora owns a six-bedroom villa. She bought the $15.3 million home in London’s Primrose Hill area last year and has since overseen a major renovation of the property, including the installation of a panic room, a high-tech security system and a fireplace in the master bedroom.

Kiwis are likely to see more from the award-winning director this year amid speculation about Waititi’s series Time Bandits, which is due to start filming in Wellington next month. Now we’re hearing that Auckland will get some of the director’s love too, with Our Flag Means Death season 2 set to start filming here in October.

Our Flag Means Death stars Waititi as Blackbeard and Rhys Darby as gentleman pirate Stede Bonnet. The first season was filmed in Los Angeles and last month Waititi told US entertainment site Collider that he would be shooting the second season in New Zealand.

Taika Waititi with his children at the UK Gala Screening of Thor: Love and Thunder on July 5, 2022 in London.  Photo / Getty Images
Taika Waititi with his children at the UK Gala Screening of Thor: Love and Thunder on July 5, 2022 in London. Photo / Getty Images

“We hope to start filming in October and we will be shooting in New Zealand. We shot the last one in LA Weird to try and do something on the ocean, so we’re going to go to New Zealand, which is surrounded by it. It’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to for next year,” Waititi told Collider.

Spy’s sources say the project will be filmed at Kumeu Film Studios, where Amazon Prime’s Lord of the Rings filmed its first season. The studios feature a giant water tank suitable for pirate ship battles, as was the case for the giant megalodon shark in Jason Statham’s The Meg, which was filmed there in 2018.

Waititi shared with his social media followers that both he and Thor star Chris Hemsworth would be doing their own “dads on tour” for the remainder of the Thor: Love and Thunder press rollout in Europe. The Waititi clan braved the heat for a tour of London’s sights this week.

The devoted father spends as much time as he can with his girls, who also live in New Zealand with their mother, filmmaker Chelsea Winstanley. Te Hinekaahu and Matewa often appear on the red carpet with Waititi, including on the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, and appear in Thor as Asgardian children. They can often be seen on set, headphones on, watching a production.

Waititi delighted fans earlier this week with another hilarious Dads on Tour part, which shows his youngest daughter growing increasingly grumpy because she couldn’t operate the inflight entertainment system. “Next time I’ll put her in business,” he joked.

This week, Ora posed in Soho and told her social media followers how much she loved London’s hot weather with a “home sweet home baby.” The 31-year-old flaunted a tanned and toned waist thanks to a boho-style crop top and low-rise pants with a sheer mesh skirt. She added a kiwi touch with a pair of black flip flops.

Ora has worked in the US and Australia for much of the past year, where she is a judge and team coach at The Voice Australia. Now back in the UK, she announced this week that she would be returning to her beautiful Tirana, Albania, to perform a free concert to celebrate the city as European Youth Capital 2022.

If and when the wedding takes place, friends and fans will want to know if there’s going to be good old-fashioned kiwi honeymoon in Aotearoa – a perfect time for Waititi to introduce Ora Kina and Pineapple Nuggets.

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