Steve Sarkisian’s culture is on the up

Culture is a vague term often used when describing the recent ills of Texas football.

Fans agree that Texas needed a culture shift after Tom Herman’s move. Prior to Steve Sarkisian, the Texas football program was never fully unified. Sarkisian’s culture seems to be improving every day this off-season.

One can point to some steps that have already improved the culture in Texas. Undoubtedly, Texas has erased some of the negative energy of past regimes. After losing to Iowa State, Bo Davis insisted that Texas needs to fix its culture. The players took his impassioned speech to heart. Those who joined Sarkisian’s vision stayed. This makes the program stronger.

Here’s what you can keep in mind to measure subjective cultural improvements.

Watch out for the fuses

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This year’s group of Texas safetys appear to be hardworking, selfless players. Not every security in Texas has fit that description in the past decade. Last year, from the safety position, the level of exertion ranged from overzealous to apathetic. Some players were caught out of position. Others have been caught jogging while escorting opponents to the end zone. This year’s group tends to play with too much effort. Texas will take that over apathy any day.

Improved leadership

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While it would be unwise to remove Hudson Card from the quarterback fight, players have found an obvious fondness for the Ohio State transfer of Quinn Ewers. He appears to be one of Texas’ top receiver’s best buddies.

Ewers has been spotted with teammates for virtually the entire offseason. The bond he and his teammates form should pay off.

The increased respect for Xavier Worthy, Bijan Robinson and Jahdae Barron after strong campaigns in 2021 should also help the three to raise their voices.


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This year’s Texas team already appears tighter than previous rosters. Togetherness seemed to be a focus for Steve Sarkisian this offseason. While players are certainly hanging out with other teammates, Texas seem more interested in documenting that on social media this season.

While one can’t give too much weight to social media, what we’re seeing from Texas players and coaches is encouraging.

Youthful energy through coaching supplements

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Brennan Marion and Tashard Choice are undoubtedly two of the best young coaches in college football. What they bring to football knowledge is only reinforced by their energy and connection to their players.

Last year’s loss in Kansas was a cultural loss. Three straight losses from behind carried the Texan roster. Young coaches like Choice and Marion might have the charisma needed to breathe life into the team in difficult situations.



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