Stranger Things 4: Eleven’s “Plot Hole” speech explained by the Duffer brothers

June 7, 2022 at 11:15 am

“Two years of isolation and really limited memories of what happened to her. So that’s a reason for the speech.”

If you are one of the people who sat there during your stranger things 4 Binge Watch and wondered why Eleven could speak in perfect sentences as a kid, you weren’t the only one…

The second half of stranger things 4 In Volume 1, Millie Bobby Brown’s elf takes part in a top secret project (Nina) aimed at restoring her powers by reliving her own repressed memories from her time in the lab.

But after watching those flashbacks, fans began to speculate as to why Eleven’s speech was much more advanced, especially given that she had a very, very limited vocabulary when she escaped the lab in Season 1.

While some people called out the show for the “plot hole,” the Duffer brothers have now revealed that there’s actually a reason why El’s speech is completely different in the flashbacks — and something Volume 2 will delve deeper into, though it’s time to return on July 1st.

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The Duffer brothers explain Eleven's speech

The Duffer brothers explain Eleven’s linguistic “plot hole” in Stranger Things 4.

Image: Netflix

While answering some burning questions about Volume 1 in an interview with Variety, the Duffer brothers explained why El’s speech is much more developed in the flashbacks than it was when we met her in Season 1 as a nearly mute 11-year-old.

Turns out it’s not actually a plot hole, more like a plot point that hasn’t been fully explained yet.

Discussing the questions raised by fans, Matt Duffer explained: “Well them is socialized with the other kids in the same way and then she goes in – and she doesn’t remember any of that – she goes in, you get to know a little bit more about that in volume 2, I think I’ll give a little away but she falls flat Coma, reawakens, has no memory of these events and is then raised in total isolation by Brenner, who doesn’t dare do another number for fear it will happen again.”

“So he decides to focus solely on her. She lives alone, in an isolated room. This is the elf we meet in season 1. Two years in isolation and really limited memories of what happened to her. And that’s a reason for the speech.”

Stranger Things 4: Eleven was around 8 years old in the flashback scenes

Stranger Things 4: Eleven was around 8 years old in the flashback scenes.

Image: Netflix

So, in terms of the timeline for those wondering, the Hawkins Lab massacre happened in 1979 when Eleven was about eight or nine years old. By then she was growing up with all the other children and could speak the way we see the other children speaking.

After sending Peter Ballard/001 flying through the gate to the Upside Down, Eleven went into a coma (which we’ll probably see in Volume 2).

As a result of the trauma and suppression of those memories, coupled with the fact that she then grew up in total isolation (until 1983 when she escaped), El lost the ability to speak in the way she was used to as a young child.

And there you have it. Volume 2 will likely reveal more about El’s past and what happened after she opened the first gate to the Upside Down, so stay tuned!

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