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At 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 26, movie fans in Jackson County received bad news from a Facebook post: The Quin Theater announced it would be closing that night after the credits for The Secrets of Dumbledore dropped screen were rolled.

On Monday, June 20, Quin’s Facebook page broke good news.

“We have an exciting update!” read one post. “The theater will soon open under a new name and management. Stay tuned for more information.”

The post drew 294 reactions, 65 comments, and 302 shares.

Later that evening, the Quin posted a link to Catamount Cinemas’ Facebook page with the message “Catamount Cinemas is an independently operated four screen cinema located in Sylva, NC.”

The cavalry that saved Film in Sylva come from the east and southwest.

“It’s actually a partnership between me and Greg Israel, the current owner of Smoky Mountain Cinemas over in Waynesville,” said David Parlier, owner of Ruby Cinemas in south Franklin.

The couple will lease the property from the Maney family, who own most of East Sylva Shopping Center.

“We had received information from the previous owners, the Maneys, letting me know they were closing, and these types of discussions started between us, myself, and the owner of the Waynesville theater,” Parlier said. “We hate to see a cinema like this close, which is in pretty good shape in a great market, so we started the discussion to see what we had to do to bring it back to the citizens of the Sylva region.” to open.”

“We’re still evaluating a lot of it,” he said. “Most of the upgrades that will be seen will initially be related to the front end. We will implement online ticketing. We have read many comments online. People want us to put in Icee machines and stuff like that. We will be making some upgrades to the audio equipment in all auditoriums.”

As soon as films start flickering across the four screens, the partners will work on further improvements.

“We’re going to look at things that could benefit the theater like new screens, 3D capability and things like that,” he said.

If all goes well, the theater could be welcoming customers in about two weeks.

“We’re doing everything we can to capture what’s left of the summer market,” he said. “Our internal opening deadline is July 8th to open with Thor: Love and Thunder. We will also have other films, probably the new Minions film for families with children.”

Combined, Parlier and Israel have “well over 50 years” in the film business, Parlier said.

The duo will hire about 14 employees. Wages depend on position, he said.

“Typical floor attendants probably cost between $9 and $12, depending on experience,” he said. “It’s not the highest paying job, but it’s fun.”

Some of Quin’s former employees are interested in returning and interviews with them have begun, he said.

The Quin Theater was opened in 1978 by Johnny Maney and Forrest Bryson. Maney’s sons, Chris and Tripp, ran the theater for their father for many years.

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