Ten Fringe Festival shows our theater critic shouldn’t miss

There’s so much to see at the Fringe Festival that it’s difficult to make a list – or see everything. But I’m looking forward to this:

The Way of the Pins or The Way of the Pig Iron Needles. I’m a fan of everything Pig Iron does, not that I loved them all. This one is set in a mansion in Germantown, which intrigues me, and requires audience participation, which makes me nervous.

Food by Geoff Sobelle Sobelle has a worldwide reputation and I like the idea of ​​being a theatre, sitting around a table and dealing with food and culture – topics that are important and interesting to me. .

A love without a title by Kyle Abraham and AIM Dance Company: Let’s start with the music – R&B legend D’Angelo – as a pathway into the ideas of self-love, black love, hope, comfort and joy. There are many other dance offerings; Since I’ve already tried to learn Spanish, I might try that too Mio/Tuyo/Nuestro from the dance theater Carne Viva.

Yes, We’re Ready, We’ll Split an Order of Fries for the Table – Does That Works for You by Mike Durkin and Nick Schwasman This is set at the Melrose Diner: ’nuff said. In collaboration with the Mural Arts Program and residents of Kensington, Durkin also created and you’ll know it’s done when the oil stops bubbling. Works built in collaboration with neighbors have popped up a lot lately, but I haven’t seen any. Is it getting too amateurish? Will it be too preachy? Those will be my questions.

Signed by Yannick Trapman-O’Brien During the pandemic, Trapman-O’Brien created the TeleLibrary, in which a viewer would connect to Trapman-O’Brien via phone call, pretending to be an automated recording. As the audience chose options, the responses changed, making each and every conversation different. It was fantastic so I’d love to see what he does in person. He also works with Jessica Creane Fairtrade.

1000 Miles: Celebrating the 10th Walk Around Philadelphia by JJ Tiziou: It’s not a performance and it’s entirely participatory, step by step. Sign up and run 10 miles point-to-point on part of the Philadelphia borders. Choose the location by the weekend. Beautiful and interesting, especially if you love our city.

BATHHOUSE by Gunnar Montana Montana is known for lavish sets and sexy theatrics. Also, it will be held at the Latvian club, which means an opportunity for a pre- or post-show booze, always a draw for me.

Blind Date at Cannonball Do you love meeting new people? Cannonball will match ticket buyers with a stranger, give them drink coupons, and provide them with ice-breaking pre-show questions and post-show discussion topics.

Aside from these specific shows, my goal is to see two productions each night. Special consideration for strange titles (Me and Jesus and Prince and Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a one bedroom apartment in the Bronxas an example) and I want to see something from Circus campus gifts at the circus school in Mt. Airy. Comedy and satire are also on the menu Speech, A Lightning Rod Special Productionor maybe three shows for a laugh Crossroads Comedy TheaterGraduated with black comedians Cab Washington and Marcely Jean-Pierre.

Philadelphia Fringe Festival Sept. 8-Oct. 2 with some events starting earlier or running later. Field office at 140 N. Columbus Blvd. at Race St., Phila. with shows in many places. 215-413-1318. Fringearts.com Cannonball Festival at the Maas Building, 1325 E. Randolph St. or at the Crane Arts Building, 1400 N. American St., Phila. cannonballfestival.org or 856-441-2837; Crossroads Comedy Theatre, at Theater Exile 1340 S. 13th St., Phila. 215-650-7360 xroadscomedy.com Circus Campus presents, 6452 Greene St., Phila. fringearts.com

Check individual venues for Covid protocols.

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