The 2022 schedule could force the Buffalo Bills to add an experienced cornerback

One of the big questions for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2022 season is the cornerback, and their schedule this year could force the team to sign an experienced cornerback

The Buffalo Bills used their first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft against University of Florida’s Kaiir Elam. This was the first time they had used a first-round pick at that position since Tre’Davious White was drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft.

In the years to come, Elam and White have the potential to become one of the better starting cornerback duos in the NFL. However, as the 2022 season begins, there are some positional questions, and as the schedule forms, the Buffalo Bills may be forced to add an experienced cornerback.

The Buffalo Bills secondary is tested early in the season

The Buffalo Bills pass defense will likely be tested very early in the season, starting with the first game of the season against the Los Angeles Rams. They won’t have Odell Beckham Jr., but Matthew Stafford will still have Cooper Kupp and the Rams also added wide receiver Allen Robinson this offseason.

This was one of the best passing attacks in the NFL and they shouldn’t go backwards in the coming season.

Then, in Week 3, the Bills are tasked with slowing down arguably the fastest wide receiver duo in the league in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Two weeks after the Dolphins game, the Bills meet the Steelers, who have a good trio of wide receivers in Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool and rookie George Pickens.

After the Steelers game, the Bills travel to Kansas City to face off against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Those four games present some big challenges for the Bills’ defense, especially when Tre’Davious White isn’t ready to start the season or isn’t at 100% yet. The former All-Pro cornerback is working his way back from a cruciate ligament tear and the Buffalo Bills have been reluctant to give a timeline.

During last month’s NFL draft, Brandon Beane said he hopes White will be back for the start of the season.

However, if he isn’t, the Buffalo Bills will turn to Elam and Dane Jackson, who joined the starting XI last year after White’s injury. That could be a big risk for the Buffalo Bills heading into the season if these are the starters with the offenses they have early on.

For that reason, the Buffalo Bills should look to hire a veteran in the position of insurance if Tre’Davious White isn’t ready to start the season, or even split some time while they fully recover him. It also gives them another option if Kaiir Elam isn’t ready to be an early starter for this defense as a rookie.

If they were going in that direction it wouldn’t make sense to add someone like Joe Haden as he should be able to find a full-time starting position and the Buffalo Bills are in no position to offer that.

However, someone like Xavier Rhodes could be a great option as he is an older player but has shown he can still start and play well when needed. He could help bring experience to the position early in the season and once Tre’Davious White comes back, be a great depth player for the rest of the season.

The Buffalo Bills have not rushed to move at that position and are likely watching Tre’Davious White’s recovery. However, after seeing the first part of the schedule, the front office should look to add some experience to solidify the position.

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