The 40 Most Important Players of 2022, RB Trey Benson

The countdown from of the state of Florida The 40 most important players of the 2022 season continue with a kind of wildcard and run backwards Trey Benson.

benson, who handed over in from Oregon This offseason, he’s one of the most intriguing players on the roster given his physical ability but lack of collegiate production. Coming from a bad knee injury In 2020, Benson is an unknown. Still, he’s a potential game-breaker who can dramatically increase FSU’s offense this season.

With that in mind, Benson checks in at number 14 on our list…

“Important” can be pretty vague because it depends on how you define importance. It’s subjective. Is it based on the player who has the most value on the list? Is it simply decided who is the best/most talented player? Do you weigh what position a player plays and how much that position affects play from game to game? What about the depth at the position, how is that accounted for?

The objective of this exercise is to mix position value, past production/projected production, depth versus backup, scheme/utilization and reliability to attempt to determine each player’s importance to the 2022 campaign prospects.

Class: RS Soph.

Ht/Wt: 6-1, 215

2021 stats: Played in 9 games, mostly on special teams, for 22 yards and a touchdown on 6 carries

Rank last year: NO

Placing Benson so close to the top 10 is a gamble given his lack of college-level production and the lack of time he spent at FSU. His talent shouldn’t be questioned at this point, however, as Benson has plenty of physical tools to work with while FSU searches for a feature to replace again Jashaun Corbin.

Benson brings speed (tested under 4.5 40-yard dash) to a tall frame at 6-foot-1, 215 pounds. We saw that combination flash during spring practice, and then Benson was unleashed in the spring game when he blew off 7 carries for 77 yards in just a quarter of the game.

What’s striking about Benson is how comfortable he looked. FSU wanted him to wear a knee brace, but he insisted on playing a couple of spring practice sessions without it because it slowed him down. This comes less than two years after suffering a serious knee injury and it is noteworthy that the injury seems like a distant memory for him at this point.

There are still elements that Benson needs to work on, such as: B. Patience to hit gaps and stay low consistently, but physical talent is clear. The opportunity to be a potential game changer and offensive force makes it difficult to place him lower on this list, even if the top 15 finish is a bit of a gamble at the moment.


40.TE Wyatt Rector (NR in 2021)

39.S Shyheim Brown (NR)

38.S Jarques McClellion (NR)

37.LB DJ Lundy (34)

36.DT Malcolm Ray (SR)

BONUS: OL Jazston Turnetine (NR)

35.DL Jarrett Jackson (NR)

34.LB Amari Gainers (5)

33.P Alex Mastromanno (T-35)

32.CB Azareye’h Thomas (NR)

31.WR Ja’Khi Douglas (NR)

30.RB Lawrance Toafili (18)

29.CB Renardo green (29)

28.WR Malik McClain (25)

27.DE Derrick McLendon (33)

26.TE Camren McDonald (13)

25.OL Maurice Smith (T-18)

24.WR Ontario Wilson (27)

23.WR Johnny Wilson (NR)

22.OL Bless Harris (NR)

21.WR Winston Wright (NR)

20.QB Tate Rodemaker (NR)

19.CB Kevin Knowles (38)

18.LB Kalen Deloach (NR)

17.OL Kayden Lyles (NR)

16.OL D’Mitri Emmanuel (NR)

15.S Akeem Den5 (37)

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