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PERRY – Tonight at the Arts Council for Wyoming County, 31 South Main St.

The reception, beginning at 6:30 p.m., marks the opening of the New York State Puppet Festival. The festival is scheduled to last until July 3rd.

The reception is expected to include a short performance by the Bread & Puppet Theater and a talkback with members of the company, followed by a bread service. After the presentation, activities will conclude with a party at the Silver Lake Brewing Project.

“Relentless” focuses on Bread & Puppet’s response to political issues and participation in social movements throughout its 59-year history. The full name of the exhibition is “Relentless! The political theater of bread and dolls 1963-2022.”

The exhibition covers the scope of the company’s work, which ranges from tightly composed plays presented by members of the company to sprawling outdoor pageants that require the participation of many volunteers.

“Relentlessly!” features masks, marionettes, giant puppets, cantastorias (picture performances), banners, flags and other objects from productions such as The Whitewashing of the Dirty Sheets of Attica (1971), Budhoo’s Letter of Resignation from the IMF (1995). ) and “The Persians” (2022).

The bread and puppet theater was founded in 1963 by Peter and Elka Schumann.

The company’s thematic performances often take on political issues and have been presented as comedy and tragedy.

Sam Wilson, puppeteer at Bread and Puppet Theatre, said Peter Schumann was a World War II refugee and met Elka, an American. After returning to the United States, they relocated to the Lower East Side of New York City in the 1960s. There, Peter Schumann began performing shows in New York City that were related to New York City.

“So things about bad landlords and police and city conditions,” Wilson said. “Then when the Vietnam War broke out, they kind of grew and protested the Vietnam War a lot.”

In 1974, Bread & Puppet moved to a farm in Glover, Vermont. The 140-year-old barn has been turned into a museum for veteran dolls. The company derives its revenue from touring new and old productions in the United States and abroad and from the sale of posters and publications from Bread and Puppet Press. The traveling puppet shows range from tightly composed plays presented by members of the company to extensive outdoor pageants that require the participation of many volunteers.

The New York State Puppet Festival will have artists from three continents and some from Perry and Warsaw from June 23rd to July 3rd. The festival is a biannual celebration of contemporary puppet theater based in Perry. Since its inception in 2018, the New York State Puppet Festival has championed puppet artists and their work through education, commissions, and inventive digital programs.

The schedule changes at the Marionette Festival

PERRY – Due to a COVID-19 outbreak in the cast, Trusty Sidekick will not be performing “A Perfect Party for Trees” this weekend. The world premiere will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

A Perfect Party for Trees was part of the New York State Puppet Festival.

Other festival events will continue. The schedule includes:

n Relentless! The Bread and Puppet’s Political Theatre, 1963-2022 exhibit at the Arts Council for Wyoming County June 23-July 23.

n Kayfabe and Helicopter at [email protected] 7-8:30pm 24-26 June.

n Parade for All Occasions at the [email protected] 11:30am to 1:40pm Saturday 25 June.

n Late Night Puppet Talk Show with Special Guest at [email protected] 10-11:05pm Saturday 25 June and Saturday 2 July.

n Working Session: Sea Serpent Parade at [email protected] Wednesday, June 29, 11am-1pm, Saturday, July 2, 12pm-5pm.

n New York State Puppet Festival Puppet Slam at [email protected] 7-8:30pm Wednesday, June 29.

n [sunflower] and To Be Alive at [email protected] 6-7:30pm Jun 30, Aug 1-2 July.

n Shank’s Mare at Perry Central School 1st-2nd July 20:00-21:30, 2.-3. July 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

n 3rd Annual Sea Serpent Parade at Perry Public Beach 5-7:30 Sunday 3rd July.

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