The Dallas Children’s Theater announces the 2022-2023 season

The Dallas Children's Theater announces the 2022-2023 season

The Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) continues to sponsor Brighter Days in its new 2022-2023 season. Whether it’s Junie B. Jones looking for the perfect advice for her class, a brave pigeon desperate to drive a school bus (despite her very short legs), an elf with a dream, or a spider determined to save a friend’s life; the “can-do” spirit that permeates these pieces reinforces the necessary strength needed for our parents and children as we work through the challenges of the past two years.

JUNIE B’s ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SCHOOL kicks off the season with the hilarious tunes of a very proud first grader as she learns to get along with her classmates — and her own temper. Harry Connick Jr.’s THE HAPPY ELF juxtaposes jazz, playful cynicism and a generous dose of positivity in a way only a modern Christmas musical can. DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS! THE MUSICAL! introduces a hyper pigeon’s passing fascination with the world, captured by wild puppetry and fast-paced song. Playful, frenetic energy is guaranteed to accompany each performance, without ever losing the gentle heart of children’s entertainment.

In February, DCT has the honor of presenting the Cry Havoc Theater Company’s latest production, ENDLINGS. This thoughtful piece explores climate change, social justice, grief, the pandemic, art and more with candid, youthful honesty. Next comes the long-awaited LAST STOP ON MARKET STREET (the play that was shelved days before the 2020 closure), a gentle, imaginative play about a young boy who takes a bus to a soup kitchen with his grandmother. The questions he asks along the way about the various injustices he witnesses and experiences, and the creative and compassionate way his nana guides him to understanding, provide a safe but humane experience of the world. Finally, the season of DCT concludes with the classic play CHARLOTTE’S WEB: a heartfelt tale of friendship and sacrifice that touches hearts now more than ever.

Virtual offerings will also be available for DCT’s ANDI BOI, a play about gender identity, and THE RAVEN SOCIETY, a play imagining a Poe-style midnight get-together in the middle of the pandemic!

“We’re thrilled to be back to tell some imaginative stories in these changing times,” said Nancy Schaeffer, Artistic Director. “The last few years have been so difficult for everyone, but especially for young people. Her relationship to the theater is quite different. Many children are just seeing their first play, so our role as children’s theater is particularly important. We’re proud to be doing our part to introduce this generation to the truly magical world of live performance.”

Schaeffer summarizes, “Live theater is healing along with the rest of the world, and this show season truly proves that no matter your age, there’s always a place to learn, imagine, and be supported.”

All tickets go on sale on August 2nd.

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